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Lets take a look at what cryptocurrency market up to !! Its seems little bit okey ig compre to messed of past week.

BTC hit back really hard +5% in short period of time and steem can't see any green signal for a week that's really not a good news.




Hey you dumb critic out there this post just for entertainment purposes so shut up and don't run your mouth.




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i was watching steem on binance 12 hours ago and i think it was steem which got up before btc. there was a big green candle in steem charts you can check on binance. Steem is about 15% up now which is very good as far as i am concerned. i was hoping for steem to go below $1 but i am fine with a reversal too.

Come on man ..You can't compre steem vs btc .. look at the value of +5% btc its around $400+ and case of steem +15 just a 10 cents and i totally agree with you steem might go -$1 but that's a right time to stack up some steem..
(Its just for entertainment purposes don't take my analyse serious

when you say percentage then it does not matter the price of the stock in question. if you invest $10,000 in btc and steem, 15% will give you 3 times more than 5%. smaller stocks will have bigger movements in terms of percentage but they may have less liquidity.
yes i have been buying into the dips so reversal from any price will be helpful.

So what do you want me to do ?? Lol

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