BTS Fractal, ready for the BIG MONEY BANG 2500%

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Bitshares (BTS) started its actual bull run on 14th March 2017 at the price of 523sat and rallied for 3 months til June 13th trading to 14103sat which indicates a massive profit of 2596%.

History might repeat itself on the FRACTAL pattern shown in BTS/BTC chart shown below. A CUP and HANDLE formation would complete the price action following the ELLIOT WAVE THEORY

This could be the opportunity most traders missed last year Q1.

Make your trading decisions, who knows, you might be the next billionaire from 2018 and beyond

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Solid TA logic. Trizle, how far do you see BTC dipping this time? BTS is holding strong considering. Keep the analysis coming! Resteemed...

BTC support price is $9800 and it has been bouncing of to $10000 range.

Thanks Trizle. Many claiming (hoping?)
BTC is due to go lower. Lets hope that it holds.

Thanks Trizle for keeping us updated :)

Very good observation and logical analysis to the extreme
good job

Thanks for the commendation

I surely count on this one again to make HUGE profits! Thanks a lot for the information and heads-up...

Namaste :)

You're highly welcome

I have been following you for a while, your prediction is so nice!

Thanks, i will update and soon as a new development occur

Agreed, he's been absolutely on point. Phenomenal.

It was actually listed and started trading on binance on 1st February, so more volume expected which means more value to the steemit blockchain

I haven't sold a single bts since I started accumulating. It's not all about money and profits... but I hope you're right! 🤑