BTS/USD Bitshares trading against the Dollar. Market update

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In preparation for February trade.

BTS has had a healthy correction for 13 days and is now consolidating. This looks like a good entry position for short and long position on the next up trend. lets take a look at the chart of BTS/USD and see what might be expected.

we have the buy region from $0.31 - $0.44, Late entry above $0.55, First sell region from $0.60-$0.76 and HOLDers to $1

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Hi dear, upvoted, I like your analysis but I think those are not sell zones, only the hodlers level could be a small sell zone to weak hands but I think BTS gonna break that peak to make a new ATH. ;)

well said, to new ATH

I love you and your optimism :)

Thanks Michael

I'll be following you through thick and thin. LET'S GO BTS!

To infinity and beyond

Be optimistic is better than being pessimistic!

We are on the way up

I'll be selling part between $0.55-0.60 would be more bullish if the market wasn't so wonky after KO-rea ;)

The main question in my head is this: All the money that we are pouring into cryptos... some are reducing savings, some are moving their investments balances, others are taking debt to buy more coins... this can't go on forever. Perhaps cyrptos will takea significant hit when people need to cash out (i.e. sell coins) because of a recession somewhere in the world?

Crypto is the solution to recession. Take a look at Venezuela. There is recession there and they are considering crypto as an option

thanks for taking your time to reply me

Thanks Trizle for this. You called the top and called the bottom of correction correctly so amazing stuff. The magic touch! Resteemed.

I'll contribute my best to make 2018 a profitable trading year for all