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Cryptocurrency exchanges have started since way back as 2011 , that is following shortly but not immediately after the arrival of Bitcoin in 2009.
The very first exchange (though this might not accurate) or probably the oldest being Bitstamp

However some exchanges when given a close look have had problems from being hacked to losing millions in customer assets and causing customers to lose trust in exchanges and for such establishments (exchanges) to fold up.

With that being put in consideration coined with fact of creating a free and easy medium that is safe and secure for transactions is why BTSE has come to be , to create a place where one can trade confidently.

So , typically the questions that follow are ...

What is BTSE? :

BTSE (pronounced "Bitsie") , is a multi-currency digital assets exchange and derivatives platform that innovates a one-stop shop solution bridging the gap between traditional fiat markets and the world of digital assets.

As an exchange on the Liquid Network and like every top notch exchange, BTSE has a utility token called BTSEtoken.

So ...

What is BTSE token? :

It is a cryptocurrency created BTSE , kinda like BNB to Binance
Holders of BTSE token are entitled to reduced trading fees as low as 0.04% to 0.06% on the exchange and can also be used to purchase various BTSE services band products .

With up to 200,000,000 in total token supply BTSE just recently concluded its token sale which sold at the initial price of $2.

It is currently listed on coinmarket cap (you can check #BTSEtoken out here : )

What is BTSE's aim? :
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One of the major things BTSE is focused on is growth in user base and expansion of the exchange.

And in order to achieve this feat a community is needed but instead of just injecting itself into one , BTSE plans on building this organically.

Now , here is an example of how the team plans to go about it .

a). Working with local community influencers in the crypto space.

b). Putting plans in place for traders on the BTSE platform.

So far and true to their words , BTSE have been holding classes for traders on telegram and if interested join here .

In conclusion :

  • Firstly , one of the reasons why BTSE is a promising exchange is because BTSE's exchange token is the first of its kind to run on liquid.

Whats Liquid you ask?:
It is a Bitcoin side chain based settlement network for traders and exchanges that allows the confidentiality of transactions and assets to maximize on-chain privacy.

  • Lastly , In the famous words of John "Hannibal" Smith : Don't you love it when a plan comes together?

Because one of the keys to a successful venture is planning and understanding the market.

Clearly showing the BTSE team did their homework and what is simply left is to join the revolution and trade confidently

Here's a link If you've got more questions or want to talk to a BTSE admin :