Corona virus to burst the bubble?

in #bubble10 months ago (edited)

...Looks like Corona is the pen that busted the huge economic bubble of the US and the west.

The underlying problem is central banking and socialism (communism light) and we probably will have to face the problems very soon or now.

The crypto currencies took a huge hit today (in the 35% minus area).... as you can see here:

There was one dark horse, that actually went up today and that is HEX, which I been talking about before.. you can see the price went up against the whole market:

Maybe Richard Heart is not such a bad guy everyone is calling him, after all?

LASSECASH also had a good day, in a very in-liquid market tho:


STEEM took a big hit similar to most of the market:

Maybe a good time to power up some more STEEM soon? I wouldn't be surprised if the prices went further down and HEX went futher up. So maybe we will see 1 cent STEEM, which I talked about years ago, I still think that when those huge ninja mined stakes, the price should go very low in order to distribute those whales in a natural way. Who know the future? No one right?... So I am guessing here, but will buy STEEM if it went to 1-7 cent area.

/Lasse Ehlers