Steem Money (A Mobile Application) #BudgetProposal

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What is the project about?

Steem Money is a mobile application to view the current wallet balance, savings balance, unclaimed rewards and pending payouts of a Steemit user. This application helps us to view our wallet balance from time to time. And no hassle for us to enter a URL in our mobile browsers just to view our current payouts. And yesterday, we have added a new feature that will convert Steem/SBD to any currency.

Features already developed:
  • Current Steem wallet balance
  • Total Savings and Unclaimed Rewards
  • Pending Payout
  • Steem/SBD Converter.

Current Status

We have already developed the main features of the app and currently working to add more features like login functionality and Connecting to Steem Market API with a mobile friendly UI.



Relevant Posts:

This is an Open Source Project so I made a Github Repository. See link here:


  • Build a database and backend for login
  • View and make transactions
  • Connect to Steem Market
  • Connect to Crypto Exchanger


  • 100 SBD
Use of the Budget
  • Web server(for the mobile backend server)
  • Google Play Console registration
  • Apple iOS developer program (for the IOS version)
  • Testing/Bug fixing/UI development


Thank you @jerrybanfield for posting this and thank you for all the amazing works you have done on the Steemit community.

Thank you everyone for your time! I hope you like it and for those people who have suggestions or questions you can contact me(@gentlemanoi) on Discord. Please help by upvoting and resteeming the post. Thank you so much!

Special thanks to @robin-ho, @an0na, @shoganaii, @wens, @teeheecakesph, @hunterx3, @josteinfrancois, @jepu, @fatelrou, @athenamae for helping and sharing your ideas.


That's a cool project! When can I download the app in the Google play store?

Publishing an app in Google Play store isn't free. So as soon as I can get a budget then I will publish this project.

Totally understand that! I have publishers account and know about the annual associated costs. Best of luck on the project I will follow you and keep an eye out for the release!

Innovative, when will be available for download? Why not do a post on it progression in it will get the needed visibility.

I also posted this in utopian. Thank you.

Interesting project. Don't forget to include the follower and following icon as well. Keep up the good work

We do not need another wallet app when we have several that already are excellent! I appreciate your submission here and hope you will try again with a new idea or modify this one in a way that we find most helpful!

@steem-plus already has this built in and @jesta already makes vessel which is a desktop wallet while esteem is a mobile app already available on android and google play with a wallet!

If you could add functionality to the wallet and make it able to send on-the-go STEEM transactions that would be really handy. If not, I probably wouldn't be interested in downloading it.

I am currently working on it. Implementing an easy way to make transactions will be an advantage of this app from other steem wallets.

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