Steem Messenger Budget Proposal !

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I recently discovered the Steem Budget proposal program from @jerrybanfield (thanks to @zonguin). I thought it could be a great solution to help in the developpement of the Steem Messenger.

Steem Messenger ?

Many users have made the choice to use Discord, Steem.Chat, or even discussion groups on Telegram, and other standard social networks.

Steem Messenger aims to provide a simple and intuitive interface to communicate with other users on the Steem blockchain.

We all know how regrettable it can sometimes be not to be able to send a message directly to a user on Steemit. We realize that many new users give up because it is difficult to get interactions in the beginning. That's why I think an instant messaging system on Steem will bring significant value to the network, making it stronger, more cohesive. A newcomer will be able to communicate easily with other users, without having to search for the Discord account's id of his recipient.

In the coming days, a group of users will test the application in a constructive way, in order to accumulate a maximum of feedback, and to better identify user needs during development. This will be the very first online version of the project, and hopefully the first of a long line.

Here are the different features already available :

  • Check your account authority locally
  • Encrypt your messages locally on your browser
  • Share images
  • Delete your messages permanently

An overview of the application:

Ideas for future releases are not what are missing, here are some of them:

  • Implement the widget on sites like Dtube/Busy/Steemit
  • Community discussion group system, a bit like Discord servers
  • Create an API to facilitate the development of bots
  • And tons of exciting features that I voluntarily refrain from announcing for the moment!

I explained more in depth the functionnalities of the last release (V0.0.3) here if you want to read more about this.

I am currently working hard to build this project that will make our Steem adventure easier for all of us. I don't have a job, and my only monthly income is pretty limited. So unfortunately I don't have the necessary funds to achieve this task.

Budget request :

I'm working full time on this project, and I have no major incentive to do so. I'm also a human, and I have basics needs. That's why i decided to launch this fundraising : to bring this project to reality !

For this first phase, I ask to be allocated a budget of 250 Steems. They will mainly be used to get the project up and running, boost my productivity, and create interactions around this project.

100 Steems will serve in the first place to :

  • Host Steem Messenger services : database + domain

  • Buy important accessories such as a computer screen, a keyboard and a mouse. I only have an old laptop that I bought when I entered to college, and some of its keyboard keys are broken. A screen in addition to that of my laptop will allow me to increase my productivity and thus, to progress faster on the development of Steem Messenger (without having to hire a full time dev for now).

100 Steems will be allocated to :

  • Create bounties, and involve a few more people in the construction of this project, as well as gain visibility on the Steem network.

The remaining 50 Steems will help me to support myself for a reasonable amount of time.

I want Steem Messenger to be even more convenient, safer, and responsive to more needs. I believe Steem Messenger will be a key feature for mass adoption of the Steem network. Feel free to react or ask me a question about this project in comment, or on Discord @Kingswisdom#7650


Good idea, I support the initiative!

Have you read this 3 months old post?:
This post (not mine btw) + comments has a lot of good ideas about messaging on the Steem blockchain!

I've just read it ! I don't think storing sensible informations on the blockchain is good. You could never delete a message, or even send a "full size" email, with images and so on. Why ? because there's a limitation on the amount of data in each transfer (around 8 kb). Plus, having to spend money to send a message is in my sense pretty archaic. Nobody wants to pay money for sending a few words. In addition, 0.001 steem might be nothing today, but here is a post (in french) from somebody who told in 2010 that 0.1 bitcoin were nothing :

Anyway, thanks for providing me this, I will definitely try to find a way for Steemians to filter messages if they wish so ! And also, thanks for your support !

jerrylewis.jpgWe need this big time I gave full upvote and resteem.

It needs to be a plug in directly on the steem platform or any page.

Are you using a browser add-on so you can insert the code on the pages or going to convince the witnesses to have the archs. to accept te change?

Hello @richatvns ! Thanks for your support on this project !

Yes, I'm primarily focusing on creating a browser add-on ! I didn't thought yet about discussing with witnesses, but why not, maybe this would be a great idea !

This sounds like a great project! Fully supported.

Thanks for your support :D

@kingswisdom thank you very much for helping us develop an application to send messages directly on Steem instead of using those off of Steem because this gives me hope we can build anything here together!

@budgets sent the 250 Steem to you just now especially because of @fabien's support here on your post along with the previous contributions you have already made most recently at

@budgets will also give you a bid through my account's upvoting bot and I will resteem this post as well! We appreciate your service to Steem and hope the 250 Steem helps with ongoing development of the messaging app!

OMG ! I was so shocked to see my account balance this morning haha !

@jerrybanfield, thank you a million times for supporting me in the development of this project ! This allocation will sure help a lot ! Thank you for providing the community this @budgets initiative !

Steem messenger will make a very effective opportunity for our steemians

Thank you for your reaction !

Hi @kingswisdom I love this idea. Let me know how I can help you!

Thanks for your interest on this project ! I'll sure contact you if needed ! Thanks for your support on this ! :D

Hi i have the some idea Steem Messenger and i want to help you in concept of this apps .

Sure, you can contact me directly on Discord @Kingswisdom#7650. Make sure to remind me your username, I'll be glad to chat with you !

Just what Steemit needs a messenger something that will make it fasterto communicate with people

I was struggling myself to communicate daily with new users ! As a SteemSTEM curator, sometimes I see some really motivated users, but that have to improve their writing skills, or even sometimes just to add the source of a picture they've used in their posts. And not knowing which discord's server they hang on, their discord's id, and so on, can be a real pain. Thanks for your interest on this project !

Its no problem i myself felt like that. Cant wait for this messenger will work out with what else i use too

This is definitely worth it, i see this application has the next best thing to happen to the stemmit community.
I pray this proposal is met and the developer is encouraged to complete this wonderful work of his.

Thanks again for your support on this project @princekelly !

Superb project. It is very useful and wonderful ;-)

Super projet bien utile ! Merci beaucoup pour tout ton travail ! J' espère que ta demande sera acceptée ;-)

PS : N' oublie pas de me donner la moitié des STEEMs lol ;-)

Thank you for the support @zonguin !

J'espère également qu'elle le sera !

PS : Des steems ou d'estime ? :D


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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

I hope you’ll succed with your project.

It’s very important to give us a tool that’s protect our privacy while keeping the trust between steemians

I hope so too, and I'm relentlessly working on it to succeed.

Thanks for being a strong supporter of this project, and for getting involved in the first private beta release !

Jerry why did steemit remove the veiwer icon, in which you can see the amount of people that actually viewed your steemit blog.

I don't think this is the right place to ask for this. But yeah, Steemit removed this feature. This view count was only indicating the number of times the page was loaded, which means anybody could just start to spam the refresh button, and make the view count grow

Bravo pour ton projet !

This is a nice move, steem messenger app is really needed and it will be another way of advancing steem.

Thank you for your support :)

Hello @kingswisdom,

Your project will definitively change the way we see Steemit as a whole !

I fully support you in this adventure.

I hope @jerrybanfield will help you as best as he can !

Have a great weekend,

Thank you @happydaddyfr, your support is much appreciated ! I also believe this project will enhance the overall Steem experience significantly !

Let's hope Steem Messenger will be supported by this community project !

This is cool. Would you like to come on my MSP WAVES RADIO show #CHRONIKnCOFFEE to spread some awareness? Hit me up if so. RESPECT

Thanks for your interest ! Please PM me on Discord @Kingswisdom#7650 to discuss about your invitation !

Nice post as well as congratulations to both of you for such a great work done @jerrybanfield and @kingswisdom
I definitely resteem this post because its information concerns about all

Good job!! I will push some security suggestion now on utopian.

Hopefully the public can start using this soon! I know I'm waiting for the 1 on 1 private discussions and I'm very excited about the integratable widgets and community chat. Sadly I missed your posts, otherwise I would had resteemed them as your project is really needed in this ecosystem!

Thank you for your work, again.

O.o I can't wait to see this roll out

This is excellent! @kingswisdom, your good example is admirable. Thanks for spending a minute to encourage me on Discord about DCOMIX.