Casting a silver saxophone

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So i have been tasked to cast a silver saxophone for a customer, i had been given a keyring to make the impression and i used petrobond in a casting flask and used a small amount of scrap silver i had, the casting went ok with a small amount of flashing as the petrobond is nearing the end of its life so a little bit of filing and sanding was required but overall i am happy and will net me just under £20, the item weighs just under 19g and i am sure it will make someone happy.




Oh, I like it! Your costumer will be very happy.

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Cool @monsterjamgold, Pouring a small Tuba would be neat, much more challenging I would guess would then be a set of bagpipes. 😉

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Something like that would be impossible with delft clay and would require lost wax casting

Very nice this musician will be very happy!!🤗

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