Welding spark gun restoration

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This spark gun is used to light gas welding torches and it was very rough and needed a bit of TLC


As you can see it is a bit rusty and the first step is to take some photos while taking it apart.


The inside is not much better and i will use this image to help me rebuild it.


To remove the rust i soaked the parts in white vinegar for a few days.


As you can see the case looks a lot better but still needs a bit of rust removing and i did this with a stiff wire brush and some 400 grit sandpaper.


The bottom piece is done and the top one still needs working but you can see a major difference.


Here is a close up of the top and here you can see the patent No 328105 and as you can see the rust is gone.


I painted the case with a grey primer inside and out and then gave the outside a few coats of signal red and then put the internal parts back together and gave a coating of spray on grease.


Here is the final project and as you can see it gives a nice spark, i did have a gif image but it doesnt want to upload.


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Hey, good restoration work. I didn't know that white vinegar helped clean the rust. This is new for me. It suited you according to the picture. Regards @monsterjamgold

Yeah white vinegar is really good, i once did a whole unicycle and the wheel would have been impossible without it.

a great job and a lot of passion to bring your old objects back to life !! congratulations on your curie vote

Cheers dude, i do enjoy bringing items back to life especially when i use them. I did a mini anvil a while back and that looked amazing.

I think the next project will be my drill vice as it looks really tired.

Congratulations @monsterjamgold!

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