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I came across this new attempt from Steemit Defense League to cause havoc and troll.

This is not a @buildawhale account and is a random troll. If you got flagged by them, their Steem Power is 15 SP, so less than 1/10th of a cent.

I have a list of new accounts for @camillesteemer's Steemit Defense League to have the delegation removed so they can't even flag 1/10th of a cent.

There is not much that can be done until their delegation is removed, but even with the delegation the flags are not enough to take any rewards away so best to just ignore them. @camillesteemer has over 30 accounts now attempting to use Steemit Inc's Faucet to hate flag people as a result of him being flagged for spam and plagiarism in the past.

@buildawhale does run the account @badcontent that is used to notify potential curators or contest runners that a user is a spammer, plagiarist, fraud, or scammer.


I want to get on the black list , it seems like such a special listtss ..,marky


Buildwhale...Amazing Post

...to hate flag people...

If someone is being downvoted for a simple difference of opinion (or simply because they don't believe in downvoting), is there any sort of "steem-high-council" that someone can appeal to?

Would it be appropriate for someone to tag a witness or big-fish (@themarkymark) to request something resembling a "fair-hearing"?

I appreciate your time and consideration on this matter,

Hello @buildawhale, I am a big fan of you, I would like to take you a legal action such a scam ID

Its people like this that make Steem hard to take seriously. So much scam attempts on here. Well atleast they don't seem to have a clue about how Steem works and wont last

exactly. Buildawhale is doing great job on trying to keep Steemit atleast somewhat clean.
Imagine a quality post noone believe just because of 30 shitposts around it with same ranking.

yeah there are people and initiatives on here fighting the abuse, but its sad the abuse is so rampant on here!

You're right, my friend! Very certainly its contents! I congratulate you!

nicce man this shouln't be staying in the community

You trying to say your not the "bubbly" type? lol.

Literally every comment in here is spammy shit. I love it.

As of right now, I am being unfairly flagged by camillesteemer and maybe other accounts of his/hers, there are too many accounts to tag, but if you go to my posts and go to the votes, you will see the accounts. Its trolls like this that drive people away from Steemit. I don't see how they make accounts so fast to flag people when it takes Steemit a week to review you sometimes

Today I found in my post a couple of such flag bots. Is there any way to stop them? ( @stb138 , @christisthebest )

For no reason, I got flagged by goidt yesterday. 3 flags!

Thank you for letting us know!

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buildawhale ! OMG ! I want live ! :p

The Steemit Defensive League targets me on all of my posts now this month, including some of my comments. It really sucks out the fun of blogging photos and interacting with others, because my followers notice these flags, take counter-measures on the spammers, and then find themselves the new targets of abuse flags.

SDL seem to be ramping up their operations with new accounts being made every day. Is there any reason why blatant criminal activities, such as abuse, are ignored by Steem Inc.? It really seems like active community growth are on the decline, while bot spammers and abuse accounts are increasing. Official counter-actions have not yet been decided on how to combat this change in power (although I see that you have many automatic procedures in place to help combat the abuse). I guess that is a sticky discussion topic, but I think it has been avoided too long.

I really appreciate the actions of the anti-abuse groups, offering to heal and neutralize the flag damage of the SDL they cause to people's posts every day. Healer bots offer free automatic votes in value above and beyond the damage caused. That's very generous and appreciated.

Blacklist Question

Is there any simple way to find out if a person has been added to a blacklist or not? Other than seeing reaction comments made by bots, is there any way to know if someone has silently blacklisted you? Getting off those blacklists seems next to impossible if the account has a vendetta against you, especially from accounts that run automatic scripts, such as the Steemit Defense League.

If I am on someone's blacklist causing me to receive fewer random votes from large curators, and I don't even know it, that is also a concern of mine. Maybe I am just being overly cautious.

Thank You

Thank you for this post, and the diligent work you do as a witness. I know you try very hard to serve the large network of people here, and I appreciate it. I hope this comment is viewed as naively diplomatic, and not like a complaint or a neg in any way.

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