Building Construction Process from Start to Finish

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Building Construction Process from Start to Finish

Home is a family dream. There are many things to consider before building a home. This doesn’t happen if you start working fast. If you start working at the right time to detect a cold head, you will get results just as the work is in continuity. Therefore, there should be effective pre-planning for building a family home. Let’s look at what is the Building Construction Process from Start to Finish.

The first stage’s work


Planning is one of the major components of pre-construction planning. First, you have to plan what your dream home will be like. Five-story, ten-story or duplex. How many units do you have to decide if there is room per unit, whether there will be elevator generators, how many porches you want, how many toilets you need, whether there will be a garden on the roof, etc. This will make your dream home a lot easier to implement.


You need to get ideas about financing to build a home. Because as the finance minister of the country passes the budget for the country, you are the budget giver of your dream home. You need to go to an experienced engineer for this. Suppose you build a five-story house on a five-story plot. A thorough engineer will be able to give you an idea of ​​the cost, so you can easily decide how to build a house. Many people go too far because of ignorance of financing but can never fulfill their dream. So once you get the idea about financing, you can decide whether to take a loan from the bank or let the developer do the house. However, a home can be built even with the financing of multiple people at once. This is also part of the Building Construction Process from Start to Finish home


Position of Land

If you need to buy land and build a home, then it is best to consider a few things. For example:

  1. Whether the land is too high from the road

  2. Whether the land is too low from the road

  3. Know if there was a pond before

  4. How many roads are there in front of the house, etc.

After selecting the land, you should be careful about buying. For example:

  1. Whether the land is an update or not.
  2. If the seller has a land deed document, take a good look at it and get the right advice from a good lawyer.
  3. After signing the seller according to the land schedule in the Bangladesh Sub-Registrar’s office, you should sign the land ownership and sign the documents and account of the land.

The Second stage’s Building Construction Process from Start to Finish


Usually by the server at the time of sale of land purchase in our country. It is difficult to understand the exact size of the land where hand sketches. That’s why it is good to survey your land with a machine. How much of a side bend it Or to what degree the angles are angles can be clearly understood. If done correctly, the dream house becomes easier to execute.

Approve Plan:

After deciding on the land, financing, an architect will make a home plan in your opinion. He gives elevation, 3D, animation, etc. to tell the house what it will look like. Then, in the area where you are doing your home, you should be informed that the authority to grant the building permit.

Soil Test:

Soil tests done with the opinion of a good engineer. This is very important for making your dream home. Doing so will explain what the foundation of your home will be like. In our country, it generally gives very importantly. So a soil test is done properly by a Geo-technical engineer.

Structural drawing:

Once the plan and seal tested, a structural engineer will have to do the structure or structural drawing. Compared to the human body, structural drawing is essentially the skeleton of your dream home. The structural drawing was done by a good quality engineer. Either it costs a lot more money than needed and there will be problems with the building’s stability.

Layout Check:

Once the architectural and structural drawings complete, it is best to check the layout once visiting the site. If it’s done at this stage, it is practically understood whether the building, the seating plan is OK or the foundation will move to the land of others, which may be wrong many times in the paper pen.

Other drawings

In our country, the importance of plumbing and electrical drawing does not give any importance except for architectural and structural drawings. On the other hand, after drawing these, it is better to show the architect and the structural engineer. Because it can prevent the aesthetic problems of the home, it will prevent the work of structural damage.

Construction Material Concepts:

The total cost of the home is in your hands, so you need to get an idea of the building materials. Where to find quality construction materials at affordable prices. Developers should know about the practical test of building materials when building a home. As an owner, you can easily understand whether your home is being built with quality construction materials.

The Final Stage’s Building Construction Process from Start to Finish

Preparation of Land for Construction:

Land preparation before building a house is also an important task. The entire plot needs to of debris and debris. Some of the more important things are:

  1. The laborers need a place and a bathroom to stay in.
  2. There should be electricity and gas, water connection as these three things are equally important in construction. It is also one of the most effective pre-planning plans for building a family home.

Supervision Engineer:

In our country, most of the time, without an engineer, only a house is made by a mechanic, which is quite unfair. An experienced supervision engineer can give you tips on how to build your home properly.

Appointment of Contractor or Contractor:

In the presence of a supervision engineer, a contractor must hire labor or worker to build your home. Most contractors in our country are illiterate. If a contractor is also well-engineered, building a house will be easier and better.


Safety also discusses before building a home. Every year, many workers die in construction work. For example, carelessness in the use of electricity, building materials falling overhead. Therefore, the safety plan carried out by the contractor and supervision engineer before construction.
The long pursuit of a home family. There are definitely plans to make this pursuit a reality. A family home should be built following an effective pre-plantheme.png