Are you a Steemit user looking to reinvest your earnings? Check out BUILDTEAM

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Every steemit user earns money as a reward for posting and curating content, but not many steemit users know how to go about reinvesting their earnings in order to maximise gains. I believe once such opportunity is the BUILDTEAM token from BuildTeam (Minnowbooster, SteemVoter and SteemSports.)


Blockchain 2.0 has opened the door to numerous and amazing investment opportunities; the graphene blockchain is empowering users and changing the crypto world with projects like Steem and Bitshares. BuildTeam is working within this ecosystem to make the user experience even better.

I am going to tell you why I am buying BUILDTEAM tokens and why I think this will be a proftiable investment.

What is BuildTeam?

BuildTeam are a group of business experts and blockchain developers headed by @thecryptodrive. BuildTeam build Steemit-specific and other blockchain projects, creating solutions and providing cutting edge technology services to end users. BuildTeam are the brain behind many great Steemit services that have been empowering the average Steemit user, helping them to grow. MinnowBooster gives new Steemit users a boost by allowing them to purchase small upvotes, which unlike some other voting bots, are always profitable. SteemVoter is a service that gives every user the power of an automated voting bot, not just those users with the technical know-how.

What are BUILDTEAM Tokens?

Recently BuildTeam made an announcement here about the launch of their own Bitshares token, but with a different approach to what you might have been used to. According to their announcement, the things that made this token different were:

  • • Existing Supply = 17 000
  • • Maximum Supply Cap = 1 000 000
  • • Maximum of 5 000 tokens issued each month
  • • Holders can bid for a stake of BuildTeam's monthly profits
  • • Tokens used in bidding recycled, subtracting from new issue

Here’s a more detailed explanation:

Currently there are only 17,000 BuildTeam tokens circulating around and there will be only 1,000,000 token supplies in existence. The maximum of 5,000 tokens to be issued every month will be given to BuildTeam staff as reward for working with the company.

Here’s why this makes a lot of sense to me

Unlike other tokens and ICOs out there, where investors can only earn a return on investment based on price rising of the coin, The BuildTeam token is like a ticket to participate and own a stake in the present and future financial earnings of the company. At the end of every month, a portion of that month's profits from all BuildTeam projects (Steemvoter, MinnowBooster and Steemsports, plus many others in development) will be set aside and distributed to the holders of BUILDTEAM tokens in a public bidding process.

Sounds interesting no?

So for example, assuming three friends John, Kennedy and Donald have bought and are each holding 100 BuildTeam tokens, and the profit-share pool for the month of July is 1000 steem. John places a bid of 20 tokens, Kennedy places a bid of 30 tokens and Donald bids 50 tokens. The profit share pool will now be distributed accordingly: John will get 200 steem, Donald gets 300 steem and Kennedy receives 500 steem.

I see great opportunity for profit here. Thoughts of profit aside though, by investing some money into this project, I will be helping the blockchain and Steemit community grow faster, as I am investing in a company that that is investing in Steemit and Blockchain.

Here's what Bulleth from BuildTeam had to say:

By purchasing BUILDTEAM tokens on the open market, you can earn a piece of the monthly profit pie from MinnowBooster, SteemVoter and SteemSports (and anything else our dev team might cook up) ... those are some-a spicy meatballs!

And of course that’s not the only opportunity for profit these tokens deliver, as with all tokens, you can make a profit speculating on the price of the token too. BuildTeam might not make you rich overnight, but I think it will be a valuable addition to your diversified crypto portfolio.

Click here to purchase some BuildTeam token
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P.S. This is my personal view of this project as supported by Build Team, and with the open opportunity to work as part of @steemsports marketing team for the Nigeria and Africa community

If you like this post or feel I am doing something wrong that needs to be corrected, drop a comment below and if you enjoy reading this don’t hesitate to upvote and resteem



Interesting article! Very impressed with this BuildTeam business model. Just say I wanted to buy buildteam tokens... I should use the BITSHARES DEX is that right? How much are they right now and whats the best way to fund my Bitshares account?

You can use for example to convert steem and sbd into bitshares.

Oh didn't know that, thanks muffin :)

The current price
buildteam price

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