BuildTeam Auction Results for October

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Hey everyone, @bulleth here on behalf of BuildTeam :)

Well the final results are in and pleased to they are a lot rosier than Friday's interim result ...

All participants will receive 1.42 STEEM for each token bid

That equates to a price of $1.72 per BUILDTEAM versus a current BTS market price of $1.26, so another great result!

Payouts will be going out before the end of the weekend and we'd like to thank everyone for your continued support. Special mentions to @slavix, @furious-one, @Steembusiness, @Tech-trends, @davecrypto, @MildFun, @Luke-Stokes and @roomservice who all took one for the team and reduced or retracted their bids - thanks a lot guys!

Group Results:

 Total Pot         = 4000 STEEM
 Bids Received     = 2814 BUILDTEAM
 1 BUILDTEAM       = 1.42 STEEM
 Participants      = 42
 Average Bid       = 67 BUILDTEAM
 Max Bid           = 350  BUILDTEAM

Individual Results:

Full results here including all reductions and retractions.

As I mentioned in the last post and on the Discord server, there are BIG changes coming that will improve the long term value of the token and incentivize holding. Can't say any more til we iron out the details, but stay tuned for an official announce and might be a good idea to pick up some tokens before the news drops!

How do I buy BUILDTEAM tokens?

Check out this handy video tutorial:

Tokens can be purchased on the OpenLedger -

If you already have an OpenLedger account, use this link to go directly to the exchange pair:

How do I participate in the monthly BUILDTEAM auction?

We recommend reading the following posts to understand BUILDTEAM better and participate in bidding:

What determines the price of BUILDTEAM tokens?

Like all exchange traded assets, buyers and sellers determine the price of BUILDTEAM tokens. Current supply and the size of the monthly profit pot are the primary fundamental drivers.


What is the best way to get in contact with BuildTeam?

Please visit our Discord support chat for help with any questions or problems you may have:

Visit our flash new website!

This is a @steemvoter subscription payment post. Thank you to Steemvoter customers for allowing us to use your Steem accounts to upvote this post by virtue of your free subscription to the bot service. @steemvoter is proudly a @buildteam subsidiary and sister project to @steemsports and @minnowbooster.


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Hi @buildteam

Just to clarify, as a member of @steemvoter and user of the free services on offer, I automatically vote (at 25%) on your posts?


Asher @abh12345

Hi @abh12345 that's correct. The terms actually allows us to use a single 100% vote per day from each free user, but we don't use anywhere near that much. If you're like me and you need all your voting power, $3 SBD/month for premium is the way to go :)

Hi @bulleth

Thanks very much for the reply, I'd actually only spotted the vote go out for the first time today, at 25%

This seems fair, although I will consider the 3 SBD monthly fee, especially when I get close to the 50 rules limit.

Thanks again!

Asher @abh12345

Keep up the good work my friends over there!

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What exactly is this? You give your account access via steemvoter and get these tokens in return?

Best read the other posts. That is not how it works 😅

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"Special mentions to @slavix, @furious-one, @Steembusiness, @Tech-trends, @davecrypto, @MildFun, @Luke-Stokes and @roomservice who all took one for the team and reduced or retracted their bids - thanks a lot guys!"

You're welcome, and thank you too! :)

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The BuildTeam toke is gonna be for sale on from whati read here ya?

so we can but these tokens for the price loistedn arpund $#1 right? @tj4real tokd me he bought some tokens for buold teamand has been priofiting wlel i even notoce hios patyemst coming in

i believe i will by some of these on my openledger when i get some Buoldyteam tpokens after selling soem SBD! XDXD i love openledger bithares because its a decentralized cryprti curremcy exchage!

Since it is a bitshares token it is automatically on openledger. If you need any markets open, please let me know, I'll be happy to trade 😎

Thanks for your work as well! Followed @buildteam

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