BuildTeam EOS Testnet Nodes Online as Mainnet Launch Approaches!

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Hi! @cryptomancer here, with a new update regarding the outstanding efforts that BuildTeam has made so far towards becoming an official EOS Block Producer.

Before I go forward, please take a look at our recent published articles regarding our EOS BP Candidacy:

BuildTeam EOS Block Producer Candidacy Report

BuildTeam: EOS Block Producer Node Update

In our last update, we announced that BuildTeam joined the Jungle Testnet steadily becoming more familiar with the day to day operations of running a node on the network.

If this interests you, take a second to review the Jungle Testnet Monitor page and find BuildTeam in the list of operating nodes:

We took this screenshot yesterday to have a look at our progress on Jungle:

In the process of operating this node we've practiced upgrade procedures, added protocols to make sure our node is monitored closely and have gone ahead and taken further steps I will outline below.

Phase two of our campaign has moved us towards running a node on EOS Core. We would like to give credit and commendation to this community for the friendly advice they offered us, as well as the excellent documentation at which enabled us to get up & running painlessly.

Furthermore, our node is now fully synced on their network, as you can see by going to

The network is currently paused on block 11778 while validation testing takes place. Once the testing finishes and the network unpauses, we will proceed with registering our block producer & hopefully get some votes.

It was quite an adventure getting to this point as the setup process was very different from the Jungle Testnet, but other EOS Core community members helpfully pointed us in the right direction. I was able to keep calm in getting this set up for BuildTeam as I had my lucky EOS shirt on and a nice beverage to soothe my nerves:

As part of the setup, we started an account on keybase, a cryptographically secure messaging platform used by members of EOS Core to coordinate network activities:

We are now working on verifying the identity of our various social media accounts through keybase to increase public trust in our organization.

We are proud to be an active member of a leading candidate for promotion to the mainnet, and will now turn our attention to EOS BIOS Boot in an attempt to get a presence on both leading candidates.

Now keeping in mind it is BuildTeam's broader goal to unite all graphene blockchain communities, we would like to make it clear that we support the efforts of both EOS BIOS Boot and EOS Core and would like to see both groups come together to present a unified front towards a single EOS mainnet launch.

It's in everyone's best interests to try to avoid a situation where we have a chain split similar to ETH and ETH Classic. While it's not inherently bad to have two mainnet blockchains, it would lead to some confusion among users and a perception that the launch did not go as smoothly as it could have.

I would like to thank the EOS Block Producers and greater community for making such an outstanding effort to collaborate and work together on building what is sure to be one of the greatest decentralized networks the world has ever seen. Below I will leave some resources for others to assist them in their research.

EOS Resources (The following resources and channels were helping us in getting to this point...)

The following information has been compiled to help people navigate their way around the EOS ecosystem as it currently exists at this time.

For overall status of mainnet launch preparations, keep an eye on this:

This is the main public (i.e. non specialist, non dev) Telegram channel for EOS:

This is the main EOS Telegram channel for devs:

This is the main EOS Telegram trading discussion channel:

This EOS Telegram channel comes highly recommended by some of our contacts for general BP discussion:

Here are the Telegram channels for the two leading contenders for mainnet launch:
EOS Core:

Here's a growing list of community developed EOS wallets and voting portals. As you may know, the official wallet and voting portal is Command Line EOS (CLEOS).

You are responsible for vetting the following or having a subject matter expert research them for you before using them.

Scattellet by Scatter (nsjames)

EOS Wallet Pro

EOS Nation's Mobile Wallet/Voting Portal

EOS Tribe's Wallet

EOS Canada's Wallet and Voting Portal

Exodus Wallet EOS main-net "planned"

ColdEOS (offline trx signing)

EOS Portal's Voting Portal

EOSIOSG's Voting Portal

EOSoul's Voting Portal
How to use (in English) :

Tokenika Secure EOS Offline Voting Portal

Liquid EOS's Voting Portal (from Bancor)

Liberty Block's Voting Portal

Bitfinex expects to release a voting portal soon.

Here's a video outlining BuildTeam's EOS Block Producer Candidacy effort:

Thank you for your support in helping us achieve this goal. One of our main aims is to unify the communities of all graphene based blockchains and bring about a new age of cooperation and growth.

Together we can build the cryptospace in a way that promotes social responsibility and more equitable exchange of value amongst 3rd parties.

Join our Discord chat

Get support and connect with us and other BuildTeam fans!

We are always looking to improve @buildteam and try to keep you up-to-date whenever something changes. If you have any suggestions about what we should change or add to @buildteam, then please drop by and let us know!

Missed the BuildTeam announcement? Here's all the juicy details.

Visit our flashy new website!

Set @buildteam as your witness proxy today and contribute to building a better tomorrow!

Want an easier way? Use our SteemConnect proxy link!

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The EOS Mainnet may start producing blocks in as little as 24hours last I've heard. I'll keep my finger on the pulse of the activity as it is too exciting to miss!

Looking Forward to Seeing Whether Block-One Honors Non-Block-One Registrations (Such as Exodus Wallet) :)

@thecleangame Exodus wallets to my knowledge had the EOS tokens registered. So I do not anticipate any problem unless you are talking about something entirely different.

The exodus wallet did not go through blockone for their registration. No check for china/usa location.

Did I miss the notice where Block-One is recognizing the registration workaround Exodus uses? The last tweet I read from Dan Larimer on the subject did not say the workarounds would be honored. Something about just because an option exists, doesn't mean it will be honored, or somesuch statement.

I'm also not talking about the test net. I mean the main net, where block-one should (will?) be enforcing the no China/USA registrations. Without the exodus wallet also having this info, I don't see how Block-One can honor those registrations on the main net.

Not without financial investment issues from the governments of China and the USA.

@thecleangame thanks for explaining this to me. Frankly everything EOS is still a be confusing for me. I am just waiting for the main net to settle then read up on things then. I initial bought EOS through my Exodus wallet I then sold them to buy through the EOS ICO offer. My question is assuming I bought EOS on any of the other exchanges then registered it on MyCrypto or MyEtherWallet at what point in the registration can BlockOne detect I am in or out of these Countries? I know people who registered using VPS.

The point is the exodus wallet does not supply location information.

I fully suspect when the main EOS net is up and running, only tokens registered through the block-one registration will become actual EOS. All other tokens not registered the official way will likely be 'burned' and never be represented on the main network. Any other group setting up a third party network (A separate implementation/fork) does not have to honor the financial restrictions of Block-One, since they did not receive any ICO money.

Anyone using a VPS/VPN for block-one registration is probably safe, as long as their personal information is from outside of the countries of the USA or China.

I completely disagree with this conclusion. There are several tools confirming whether EOS is registered or not. I'd put more faith in the developers and personally. Exodus users have nothing to fear assuming they registered their tokens correctly. If you have any facts / sources to back up the opinions you've presented, I'd be happy to review them and may even be willing to change my mind on the matter. Thanks for your contributions regardless. Take care.

Wish I had the time to go back through Dan's tweets and find the one I remember.

Doesn't matter though, the chips are going to fall the way they fall. Time will inform us all. ;)

As far as I know, the exclusion of US / China registrations was only enforced at the web site level by The underlying smart contracts that perform the registrations don't care where you are located. That information is not stored on the blockchain, so once registrations are done there's no way to distinguish a registration that was done using's tool vs. some third party tool. So I wouldn't worry about this overly much.

As long as your EOS is included in the ERC20 snapshot then you should be good. You can verify your account information using the excellent account checker tool provided by EOS Authority:


Thank you very much for pointing this out. :)

Looking forward to this ;-)

Thanks for the update @techblogger

Did you drink soda or Whisky it is only that i see in the photo the other part of codes are not importante, the drinking were the interesting parts for me and your happy face.
have a great day.

Haha you have a fine sense of priorities! It was a glass of Fujisan Japanese whisky, good stuff to strengthen my fortitude when turning on our node for the first time.

Congratulations @buildteam. You guys are doing awesome things. I love your work and I believe in your squad. Stay strong! We need yall to shine!!!

Thanks for the well wishes, I'm confident we won't disappoint!

I feel your confidence @cryptomancer..

Thanks for the update @cryptomancer and for sharing this useful links for people to make there own research!

Hope we can get Buildteam on the 21 BPs.

Regards, @gold84

You are most welcome, and thanks for your support!

Hi @cryptomancer ! The other day @techblogger made a great explanation on how to vote and motivated me to just do it.

@greymass did a great job out there, and I decided to make a post on it. Looking forward to your thoughts when you get the chance!

Regards, @gold84

This sounds great. A lot more detail here than I have seen from most other block producers! Hopefully this adds transparency to users. Good luck in the attempt to become a block producer.

We think it's important that people are aware of what block producers are actually up to, so will strive to provide frequent updates as we go forward. Thanks for your support!

I completely agree. Hopefully if we get enough block producers like you it will keep the network honest! Launching tomorrow so lets hope all goes well.

I'm kind of confused with the process because you said that
The network is currently paused on block 11778 while validation testing takes place.

When I look at it will show the current block and who mined it. Right now it is saying block 559164

But everything else is still saying we are in the testing phase.

Can a person connect to it right now and create usernames or anything?

As mentioned in our post, there are a few different testnets operating right now, and the EOS mainnet has not launched yet. It looks like that wallet is currently pointing to the Jungle Testnet. If you look at the Jungle Testnet monitor page the names of the block producers and the current block number line up with what the wallet is showing.

Unless you really understand what you are doing, to avoid confusion it's best to take no action for now and wait for the mainnet to be launched. At that time there will be plenty of communication from multiple sources giving instructions for how to get started with usernames and whatnot.

Ok, thanks for that. I went to the Jungle testnet page and created a couple of accounts and then used the faucet to fund them for testing purposes.

I'm confused though. Is the Jungle Testnet being ran by the EOS Core group and then EOS Bios Boot is running some other Testnet and those are the two main groups jockeying for position?

If I'm understanding correctly Buildteam is going to run another testnet node over on EOS Bios Boot's testnet as well?

I was running Dawn 3.x on my VPS a couple of weeks ago and I'm wondering if there is a way to easily use cleos without building the entire thing again with the new code since I don't need nodeos or any of that? Like be able to connect to these testnets and just run cleos to execute commands?

Sorry for all the questions but I'm just trying to understand everything a little more. Thanks

The two main groups jockeying for position are EOS BIOS Boot and EOS Core. The Jungle Testnet is being run by another team, the Crypto Lions block producer candidate:

There's no possibility of the Jungle Testnet becoming the mainnet, it is and shall remain just a testnet. But we like it as a way to play around with EOS without worrying that your actions will affect the mainnet. It's perfect for development work and practice.

Yes, BuildTeam is setting up another test node on the EOS BIOS Boot network. We aim to be well positioned for the mainnet launch regardless of whichever chain is eventually chosen to become the mainnet.

You can use cleos to connect to a remote node on any network that has made itself publicly available. However, you also still need keosd running for wallet management. And bits of code in cleos and keosd have likely changed a good deal since Dawn 3.x. To be safe and not have to worry about any compatibility issues, it's best to just build the entire thing again.

Ok, thanks for the info. That is very helpful!

Woohoo. Great work @cryptomancer and @buildteam. Exciting times ahead. Looking forward to seeing the mainnet kick off so I can spread my votes to this awesome venture.

Thanks, we are too! A brand new era is here, and we feel privileged to be participating in the start of it.

Really informative and exciting post @cryptomancer and certainly congratulations are in order for a job well done. You deserve the beverage! It's an exciting time to witness the birth of this platform.

Thanks for your support. I'm sure we are in for interesting times ahead, can't wait to see all the great dapps people will build on EOS!

Interesting, i have a question

looking forward to see your test net

Used in what way

lets go EoS!

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Looking forward for this.

Hey @buildteam, Thanks for the wonderful information,

There is a related news for those who missed the EOS registration Deadline

Posting this here as your blog is trending and Hope this will be useful for many others.


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