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RE: Discovering myself

in #bumpers3 years ago

It is not important what bumpers I have, it is important for me to give some time to myself and contemplate in a dark solitary room, to feel myself and introspect the course of my life as if I am seeing a other person. I should be aware of what I have done or what I should have done. This is a part of a procedure of me to develop myself as a responsible good person.

@ned I think it is very easy to criticize a successful person because it is not an easy thing to reach there where that person is standing. Being pioneer and CEO of steeminc, you have a lot of responsibilities on your shoulder. You were the developer of this great platform where everyone have a chance to interact with the persons living all over the world while having a chance to earn something for his/her. I thank you for giving us a chance to be a part of this excellent platform.
Everything is not bad here and also we can't say that everything is good here. Everything is in this world is not free of issues and shortcomings. We cannot solve every problem and every person cannot be satisfied either. But a pragmatic solution can be find and implemented.
In a hope to get along with this community for ever. Thanks.