It's been 6 months and I will say I miss Steem and my followers.

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Just thought I would post an update. I had pretty much left the platform since I wasn't happy with my treatment by people working on blacklists and bots. I have already posted a bunch on this so I won't bother going into old issues.

I was thinking about trying again with updated contests that fit within the community rules, but it seems that contest like I was doing are no longer welcome here. Let me know if any of my old followers would like them brought back.

That is a shame because I did have a lot of fun doing them and talking to my followers everyday. In my posts I always tried to be respectful, honest, positive , and upbeat until the flag war non sense which did make me feel bitter toward the spam fighting efforts. I know they are needed and run by volunteers that are over worked and under appreciated for what they do. However, I still left with a bitter taste in my mouth.

I'm blacklisted on smartsteem, steemcleaners, blacklist-a, spaminator, mack-bot, cheetah still after 6 months and many posts and chats trying to resolve any issue.

If I get good response maybe I'll try again to make some content. If I get a bunch of your a spammer go away posts then no worries I'll leave without a fight.



The rabbit has to return, and fight the battle against those who prevent his journey through the world of steem .... VIVA @bunnypuncher ... come back YA!

That's the spirt. Thanks for the support and love the graphic btw.

Back and fuck the haters ! You’re a OG on steem they can just back off ! Long live the bunny punch

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Thanks for the support. I love how 99% of Steemians are great people , friendly and supportive. It was always fun to respond to contest comments. I actually miss it if you can believe that.

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That is very cool.

Hello there, we spoke last night.

I just checked your name on

Looks like you are not on the Global Blacklist, which includes @steemcleaners' list.

I cannot say the same for @smartsteem as @therealwolf does not use that API.

I am Happy to see you again Man...
Thank God you came :-)

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We've missed you too bunny. I'd always loved your contests and the various interactions that would be going on in them. So yes, yes do come back, the bunny is always welcome on this blockchain.

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I miss you, too. I wish to resume seeing you in my feed.

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Welcome back! Your contests were awesome when I was a tiny noob. I’m now just an average sized noob but I was going through my list the other day and was just thinking it sucks I haven’t seen you post. I do remember the BS you went through towards the last month or so of your contests. There is still a lot of hate towards what you did by people who seem jealous you help out the little people or something. I would like to see you try something again but not sure if they will continue to hate on you.

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If you're going to be the bunnypuncher you need to roll with the punches and don't let a select few be the gatekeepers to what you want to do here. I'm sure you can gather enough support if you're above board. Welcome back too!

I think you could restart, you just have to change the format of the contests, if that's the problem. Your dynamic is fun. Greetings.

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I must say I missed you too, you were one of the first people I followed on Steemit!

Missing you here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!