DIY Bushcraft Knife - Upcycling A Metalworking File #2 - 'Re-Source' - Eggstatic #180

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Hello All,

@eggstatic will become a chronological 're-source' for all my documented (video or otherwise) achievements in the last 10 years or so of my hobby/lifestyle activities, primarily but not exclusively related to my paragliding and/or paramotoring exploits.

Everything I post within this steemit realm will be my own original content, some of it may require the dust blowing off it ;)

My original Wordpress blog has a lot more information regarding the experimental paramotor side of things on offer for those of you with an inquisitive or inventive streak:

Description taken from my YouTube channel:

Here I'm attempting to make a bushcraft style knife only using hand tools and an angle grinder. [Part #2]

Thank you for stopping by and helping me to relive my finest moments.



Great little knife... I like the mini forge, looks like a real winner = small, portable and multi-use.

It takes some warming up but the magnet test shows it's just hot enough to harden the steel :)
I had to do the cat litter and plaster of paris mix in small amounts as it sets really quickly.
Cheers :)