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Business organizations can be classified into the following forms:

  • The sole proprietorship
  • The partnership
  • Private limited companies
  • Public limited companies
  • Co-operative associations
  • Public enterprises

The Sole Proprietorship
This is commonly called the one-man business. The one-man business has the following characteristics

  1. Formation: it is easy to start
  2. Ownership: it is owned by one person who is in charge but may have many employees.
  3. Decision-making: He takes the major decisions. Such a decision may not be efficient
  4. Capital: He provides the needed capital from personal savings, friends, and relations or through debt such as bank loans. Therefore the capital of the one-man business is relatively small.
  5. Risk-bearing: The business risks are borne by the owners alone
  6. Management: The owner is the manager, hence, its management may not be efficient and effective
  7. Personality of the business: The law does not distinguish between the business and the owner, therefore, the business is not a separate legal personality or entity.
  8. Liability of owner: He does not have limited liability because the failure of the business could lead to the sale of his private assets.
  9. Owner-employees relationship: There is a cordial relationship between the owner and his employees
  10. Ownercustomer's relationship: The relationship between the owner and the customers is cordial because he interacts with them, in most cases, directly.

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