Would You Like To Make "@classifieds" Happen on Steem? WELL IF YOU DO, THEN READ THIS.

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Back some time July, August 2017 there were some things that I saw as kick rear end opportunities here on Steem

Although, let's not forget, back then all we had was "Steemit.com" as a front end and the rest was all about "blogging", however, even with these limitations it was clear to me that many opportunities lay out there in the business sector!

After HF20, it was evident that Steem had jumped leaps and bounds and that it proved how anything that we imagine is more than possible if we are devoted to making it happen!

For those wondering Who is writing this post?

My name is Jack Miller, aka @jackmiller,

and yes, I am one of the many witnesses out there.

There it is, you know who is writing this post on @classifieds.

So let's move on.

As you can see the account here is @classifieds.

Yes, I own it for now and the purpose of this post is to see if anyone out there can put it to good use.

I am willing to hand over the master key (ownership) to anyone who proves that they are "the chosen one" to make this happen.

What am I thinking when I say this?

Well, I am not sure if I can explain it all in one sentence, so I will do a recap of events and conclusions, so that you can see what all happened and when. Then after that I will put my offer down towards the end of this post.

As mentioned above, back when I presented the ideas of using Steem for business and more importantly, for businesses to use our blockchain for their business, it wasn't really taken all that well by many.

Sure, I was still "new" here and I know how it is to be "different" to what is the "norm of society", so it didn't really bother me too much at the time. After all it is all on the blockchain and there is no denying the facts, no matter how anyone may twist them around to suit their agenda or feed their "hurt ego".


& what happened in 2017 or what the visions were of some back in 2017 are no longer relevant as from what is evident today in December of 2018 is that:




& I am the happiest little camper out there among Steemians when I see how we are heading in the right direction as far as our thought patterns and ideas go!

So we can leave the past where it is and that is "in the past".

However, to get a better understanding of things, here are the first two posts in a series of posts on the topic which went on for weeks.

1 post per week basically. Each time leading towards some new conclusions or ideas.

The idea of having a "CLASSIFIEDS" type of gig running on Steem although "not so well accepted" back then, could very well become a reality NOW!

& to be totally honest, I feel that I did my job back then when the below listed posts were done, as very soon after this little "experiment" some people started fiddling around with various ideas which were definitely in line with what I was trying to promote.

Coincidence or not, meant nothing to me, the fact that I saw people actually experimenting with the idea was enough to put a great big grin on my face.

For you to get the feel for it, here are transcripts of the two most important posts in the series:


We all wish to make Steemit the most it can be. We want Steemit to be better than the rest!

So taking into consideration everything that the platform has to offer and after talking to some fantastic people on Steemit S.K. & O.B.B. Who have helped me with words of wisdom, the conclusion that I have come to is that Steemit can be used as an Auction site.

Steemit Auction Logo.jpg

So without dragging the intro out, here it is!

The mission statement here is:
To use auction techniques to help derive a unique and transparent sales mechanism which compliments the Steemit platform.

It is rather obvious that a classic auction would be hard to manage on the existing platform, so that is pretty much ruled out as far as options go.

ebay auction 123.png

So then, what other options are available?
After researching the various auction platforms out there, I have come to a conclusion that there is an option that can be used as a foundation to starting up an auction like activity here on the Steemit platform.

The basis would be founded upon the principle of:

Dutch Auctions

What is a Dutch auction?

A Dutch Auction is a type of auction in which the auctioneer begins with a RRP for a product and which is then gradually lowered in price until some participant is willing to accept the auctioneer's price, or the sellers reserve (minimum sale) price is reached.

The person who accepts the price is the winner of the auction and has to pay the last announced price. These types of auctions are also known as clock auctions or open-outcry descending-price auction.

The Dutch auction guarantees that the buyer achieves the best possible price.

This is the exact opposite of a traditional auction where bidders may be willing to bid considerably above the RRP for the item.

That is a brief description of a basic traditional Dutch Auction, however there is another variation of Dutch auctions out on the market, these are called (Dutch) Scratch Auctions.

dutch scratch auctions sample.JPG

A Scratch Auction or Scratch Dutch Auction is based on the above principle, however the buyer does not see the current price of the product. Each bidder must first purchase bid tokens which are set at a fixed price. Each time the bidder uses a bid token to reveal the price, the price then decreases by a certain percentage of the bid token value. (“scratch” being derived from the instant scratch lottery tickets).

For example.

A clock radio is put up for sale with a RRP of $20.00
There are hundreds of interested buyers out there who have purchased $1 bid tokens.
Each time they scratch away to see the current price of the product, the price of the product is reduced by $0.80.
(So the auction house makes 20 cents per bid).
Let’s say I am the 10th person to scratch away (at $1 per scratch) and the BUY NOW price is at $12.00, I have a set time limit in which I can choose to buy it. If I think that $12 is a good price then I buy it and the auction is closed. I pay the $12.00 and the clock is mine.

Conclusion 1:
From the above descriptions of two similar types of auctions I see a potential foundation for live auctions here on Steemit.com.


Well I see two potential types of auctions that can be done here as per the above general principal of Scratch Dutch Auctions.
The only differences being:

A. There is no hiding the amounts of funds collected via upvotes, as they are visible to everyone.
B. The Auction is closed once the item is sold and the bill of sale/contract is put up online as proof of a legitimate sale.
C. The sale price must be only available to Steemit members, otherwise there is no reason for Steemit members to reduce the price (via upvotes) of the item being auctioned off.


A. These types of open and transparent “Dutch” auctions here on Steemit can be used to sell something.
B. They can also be used for give aways, charitable types of activities.


A. Well, the sale of an item is pretty much straight forwards, not much to explain. The product gets advertised here, the upvotes are converted to a USD value at the end of the week and that is then deducted from the original RRP price listed. The difference is paid for by the buyer and everyone is satisfied.

B. An item is listed that is intended for a charity/cause and until the listed/RRP price is achieved, the item keeps getting relisted. Once the listed/RRP is achieved via upvotes, the item goes to the charity or cause that is listed in the auction and again everyone is satisfied.

So there is no actual paper money exchanging hands, unless agreed upon between the buyer and seller. For the most part the idea is that Steem or SBD be used to complete the transactions. Hence ensuring that everything is 100% legal/legitimate.

Implementation Plan/Statement Of Work(SOW):

As per the above proposal it is necessary to carry out a number of test auctions so as to confirm what is necessary for Steemit users to take into consideration and implement into their future acutions.

Both types of auctions, meaning charitable and sale of goods need to be tested.

This means that goods must be acquired or already owned so as to go ahead and test this model of Auctions via Steemit. So as to ensure that at this beta/test stage all transactions are in Steem or SBD.

Note: Here I gave some test auctions (In my original post from mid last year/2017)

Note: Below is what the purpose of this original post from back then was:

This post here can serve as a think tank, so any advice, suggestions and so on at this beta phase of the project would be not just welcome but out right appreciated!

Look forwards to reading what everyone has to say about this project and how it could expand the ways Steemit is used on the internet. Remember this is not something that is exclusive to any one user, it shall be a tool for everyone here, so best we test it out and get it right so that in future all us Steemians can make the most of Steemit!

The post that followed the above post was:



The first week of testing the idea of running auctions via Steemit has passed.

Lets do a short recap and then “think tank” it again.

The basic idea was to be able to make good with what we have. Using the existing platform as have others on other social/blogging sites in the past used similar platforms for a lot more than just „blogging“ etc.

We are all witnesses to people making fortunes on similar sites out there, they have adapted to the platform that they are using and utilized it for direct marketing and direct 101 business.

One of the things that should most definitely be done by users here on Steemit also, as we want to be better than the rest when it comes to social networking sites.

social media cuttings about selling.jpg

The original post was:


Where it was pointed out that we can utilize “Scratch Dutch Auctions” here on Steemit. Basically as the “Upvotes” accumulate, the price of the product/service offered goes down accordingly.

It was also pointed out that this approach could also be used for fundraising and donations & not necessarily in “Cash only”.
So we here at Steemit are at an advantage in comparison to just about if not all the other social networking sites on the world wide web.

Here is a screenshot of the final results of Week 1 for the three test auctions posted:

With an exchange rate as shown below:

Taking everything into consideration, from my humble self being a “Minnow” here on Steemit to the fact that many eyes are just monitoring and waiting to see how things go, which is nothing new when pilot projects are being tested.

The number of upvotes and comments is EXCELLENT.

Sure there could have been more, however if we read the comments and take into consideration the upvotes that can be seen it shows that there are people here on Steemit who are open not only to new concepts but also to the idea of expanding the use of the existing platform, they too see the potential of this initiative.

So now we are entering Week 2 of this pilot project.


Is the title of this post, not without good reason.

I shall start by being self critical in a proactive tone, so as to set the pace.


Even though we may be using the Dutch Scratch Auction technique as a foundation to these online transactions, the fact remains that many people out there are hesitant towards auctions. As auctions always entail a dose of uncertainty, a dose of risk and a major dose of bad karma put out by those who have been burned in the past.

So the question being put forwards here is:

Do we call the future tab on Steemit “Auctions” or do we call it “Classifieds”?

All comments should be argued and explained, it is very important that even those who are just “monitoring” see that there are people who want to see this become a regularly utilized option by users on Steemit. We should point out WHY they want this option here and not just on Fbook and Tweeter and readit etc etc etc.

Steemit Classifieds 1.jpg

2)-. TABS on Steemit
I mentioned above that tabs shall one day be introduced. Note, that is just my way of getting the intended message across.
It may seem to be a logical solution on this platform here to use the tabs as a tool to help people find what they are looking for.

USA etc etc etc

Some of these exist and as per the existing platform settings we can add 5 tabs to each post, which means that people posting something up for sale/auction can easily via the tabs label their post and ensure that those people looking for a particular product or service in a part of this world can find it.

What all tabs should be added to the Steemit Tab bar so as to make this happen?

Lets start putting a list together and work it from there.


Now, this might not be the only way to get the ads onto the screens of those looking for something.

Are there any other ideas?

Steemit tabs 1.jpg

3)-. Social Network Sharing Buttons

This topic has been brought up by others in the past.
What would be the Pro’s and Con’s to adding such buttons to the bottom of every post here on Steemit?

Keeping in mind that the existing social networking sites out there shall most probably be around for many more years to come.

If there are any other points that anyone thinks should be added to the discussion i suggest that you put your suggestions in the comments below and as such shall be included in the Week 2 recap/summary/brainstorming session.

The reason for this is so that we can move forwards in an organized and proficient manner.

Feel free to discuss among yourselves below any of the suggestions that people post, this platform is excellent for such discussions.



One of our fellow Steemians said to me that some people may be looking at this cautiously, in the sense that “Who is this guy Jack Miller?” & “Could this be a wham bam thankyou mam type of scam?”

I asked “Why would you think that?”

His response was argued as follows:
“You are not a Whale here, anyone can post something like this and make a quick buck......”

After thinking about it I saw that he could have a valid point there. The thought never crossed my mind, all I was interested in was making this pilot project happen and for it to become a regular activity here on Steemit for all Steemians.

Sure anyone could have done it, but they didn’t, and in a way I am glad, because I like to do things step by step, so as to delete any future hiccups or issues, I guess this comes with years of doing things in that manner and you just can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

So, after giving it much thought, the only thing that really seperates me from the Whales here at first glance is the $ values in my account.

I do believe in Steemit, I sincerely can say that I see Steemit right up there as at the top of the worlds social networks.

I have written about this before here on Steemit, but as the old saying goes “Money talks, BS walks” I shall ask for assistance from the people who have always given me sound advice and words of experience/wisdom to guide me through the process of depositing/investing a nice lump sum of USD into Steem. This should then eliminate any doubt in the minds of most people who were thinking anything of the sort. For those out there who just want to invent new conspiracy theories, well, there is not much that I can do there. All I can say is that Steemit shall be used for a lot more than just blogging as are the other social networking sites on the market!

So having said this here, out aloud (written) we can now continue with the above listed points and expand upon them as necessary.


Thank you one and all for your input and support in the first week of this pilot project, look forwards to your support and much appreciated thoughts here and in future posts on this pilot project.

If you read all of the above, then you get the drift of things.

If not, then read on from here:

Basically the conclusions were:




& a number of other things that were not as BOLD & TOTALLY RADICAL, as these were BUSINESS CONCEPTS back in the day when everyone was still limited to one front end only (steemit.com) and the only generally acceptable route/line of thought was "blogging".

OK, so you see what I was talking about and although I was told that this isn’t in line with what Steem and Steemit.com are not all about, we are now there!
& sure now that we are there, the user account @classifieds could become a real thing!


After all, we are now seeing various front ends popping up for various purposes, many of which are definitely “Business orientated”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

& if you believe that you can come up with a way to utilize this account to make it what it can be ALL THE POWER TO YOU.

Now I guess some of you are thinking:


Nope, no $, I will hand it over, all yours.

Only a few conditions:

1 – Tell me here or via DM what your plan is.

2 – I want to see at least 2 references from two witnesses, one of which must be from the TOP20 or a MEGA WHALE with a truck load of SP who GUARANTEE that you are a person of your word who shall definitely follow through with your word!


Simple as that.

After that, I will look at the proposals, try to contact your references and have a chat with them, see what they say.

After which I shall make a decision as to who gets it.

Once I send it, it is all yours, the keys and all.

As for any funds on the account, you can send me the funds or we can wait the 13 weeks for the power down option to do its thing!


Again, I’m doing this here to try and promote the idea of “Thinking out of the box” rather than the “traditional ways of the past”.

PS. If anyone is "concerned" about me not honouring the contract we agree to, think about it:

I am a witness here, I have paid for my witness server all the way through Feb 2020 and I have a lot more to lose than to gain if I do anything that would or could compromise me.

So rest assured, if anyone has to do as agreed to, that is me!

Freeing up a name that can literally become a real business and a whole new front end on our blockchain is another thing that I am trying to promote here.

Just throwing the concept out there!

I will promote this post in the hope to get it into the trending, so as to get as much visibility as possible and as many resteems as possible.

Not too worried about upvotes, want to get the word out.

If you can, I would really appreciate it if you resteem this, maybe your resteem shows up in someones feed who has an excellent idea/concept for this!

Thanks for reading


I called this a while ago, I did a video on if Steem could provide a alternative to things like offerup and craigslist. My thoughts came from brain storming after seeing dtube dlive etc start to be developed.

I said to myself hmmm, what other platforms can Steem support. It is only a matter of time but just like others have mentioned, we still have a few mainstream issues to solve.

Steem costs money to use (not much depending on who you are) and needs to be understood better and will be understood better over time by the masses. "Truce"

Any bright idea that will “businessfy” the steem blockchain, thus ever increasing the use cases, and opportunities for steemians and onboarding more users is very much welcome!

Hope somebody will get interested to your ideas.

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Getting people to think "out of the box" is not as easy as it may look!

Especially when you KNOW that by doing so you are literally opening yourself up to being ridiculed, mocked and even outcast by the "mob" who enjoy their "complacency". All of that is simply human nature and no matter where it is, or what the topic at hand may be, human nature is what it is and will always be a very important factor (ball and chain) in the process of change.

However, knowing all that, it is all the more reason to continue on with the mission of getting ideas out into the open and have people chew on them, make them into something great, even if they be way different to the original concept thrown out there etc.

i.e. if for example the above offer doesn't get grabbed by anyone, not a problem.
Sure the username is a lucrative name that could be utilized efficiently, as most of the "good names" are already taken/registered.

But, if it gets someone thinking and moving forwards, even if that be sharing ideas with others and further expanding on the complex chain of events that lead to great ideas, I have succeeded in my mission.

All it takes is one drop to make a few ripples in the big pond!

Glad to see/read that my mission here, all the way back from July last year is still being accomplished, from the various things that have grown out of it all to date, to the new ideas that may come to be thanks to your comment and the affect that it may have had on your trail of thought too!

Wish you all the best in this season of happiness and warmheartedness.


Interesting idea. One issue with any/all of these initiatives that nobody seems to have offered a good solution for is this:

  1. If it's built on Steem, then users need a Steemit account
  2. Steemit accounts cost "money"
  3. Users need to understand somewhat about crypto in order for that to happen

If we're talking "mass adoption" which I think you're implying from the tone of your post, then these ideally need to be solved.

IMO, anything that's built on the Steem blockchain should have as little to openly do with tokens, crypto, complicated accounts, upvotes or any of the other complicated nonsense that acts as a barrier to entry for people who have better things to do with their time.

Great idea though. Hopefully someone will take you up on your offer.

No free lunch out there!

For that "free" lunch, some farmer has sweated his day away, invested who knows how much into the making of it happen, someone has paid to get it delivered, someones has paid to get it on the table and someone will pay to have the dishes washed after it!

Same goes with all business initiatives.

Our biggest advantage over ALL the other so called "wonderful blockchains" out there is that we don't need a tonne of "gas" or "ram" or what not to complete transactions.

We have already proven that even with the "free" transactions on our blockchain we can handle over 10K transactions per second!

VISA eat your heart out and move over, STEEM is here and it is kicking rear ends!

Likewise, when we take all that into account, the savings that are here in "transaction fees" or dare I say the lack of them, will add up to multi BILLIONS in savings for PEOPLE.

Which is a lot more than what ANY of the others out there have to offer!

Seriously, I don't see an issue with paying for something that shall give me more than what any competitor had to offer and most importantly I don't fall for the "used car salesman pitches" the others throw out there.

It is all on the blockchain, visible and crystal clear for anyone who wants to see it.

Although your points are definitely something that needs to be looked at, as in the past many have "marketed" things in ways to mislead people and this needs to be ratified. There really isn't much more that should worry anyone. Business as usual!

Steem on my fellow Steemian!

and wish you all the best during this season of happiness and warmheartedness!

We may not need gas or ram, but technically Steemit works the same. You need Steem Power/resource credits to do things around the platform. We are very similar to EOS in that respect.

I would say that EOS is similar to Steem in many ways, after all that ICO driven and financed blockchain did copy a heck of a lot from Steem as far as concepts go.

But, unlike Steem their "RAM" issues are in fact "issues" while on Steem there is no issue ;)

Steem has passed the tests and has over 2 years of building itself up from scratch without all the ICO investments = without OPM = OTHER PEOPLES MONEY!


Seems like a great idea! Keep up the great work!

Love the concept. Being a woodworker and attending different craft shows in an effort to market different items, I would love to partake in a service like mentioned in this article Here is a picture of one item that goes like hot cakes at all of the craft shows I attend. Each one is unique.
All of them come in different sizes, made with different types of wood.
IMG_0376 (3).JPG

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It is a fun instant game. YOU CAN WIN X2-X118 !!! :) OR LOSE

The rules of the game are very simple.
There are only 9 cells: 4 of them are winning, 5 - losing. Open the cells one by one.
Success find ×4 Clover - ×118.189
Success find ×3 Clover - ×18.900
Success find ×2 Clover - ×5.500
Success find ×1 Clover - ×2.025
Any time you find ×1 Bomb - Game Over

You have said it. As learned as a youth. All the wisdom in the word in a single sentence. -There's No Free Lunch!- Once one has freed themselves from the mind control, that sentence is merely -common sense-

crypto auction sounds fun! let's wait for the testings to be completed.

yeah better. so there won't be loopholes and bugs.

I love the idea to make auctions on steem. And i wish that there will be more and more businesses build on steem because that is the secret to have a better currency😊

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You might want to consider "Deal or No Deal" posting. Less work than an auction. Sellers deal with offers as they come in.

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I love the idea to make auctions on steem. And i wish that there will be more and more businesses build on steem because that is the secret to have a better currency😊

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in my lifetime, i have heard only about auctions in christie's and sotheby's.. crypto has really gone a long ride.

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Steemit is simply the next big thing ...fingers crossed and lets hope it works

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Wow!!! I love this

Great idea. I can't wait for 2019

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Great initiative! Key things are escrow, shipment tracking and confirmation, fraud prevention.

Who in the Steem community is qualified to take this on?

Just getting started in the steemit community...love the info...going to follow and listen a bit, but so far, love the classified idea and do believe this could work

Thanks for your consideration, but please do not take this as any pressure. Do what you think is right. And I will do the same. You will not be successful (as I'm sure you are already well aware ...) keeping 100% of "the people" happy 100% of the time. I don't expect that. All other reasonable Steemians, whose support you need, likelyIMG_20181129_071229.png

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I think it's a good idea and you are on the right track but I wonder it its too late, I was away for about 3 months and there doesn't seem to be a lot of new energy here. I was saying a while ago there needs to be a D-bay and a D-amazon and I think having bid type auctions like you describe are a good idea too although whenever I see those they seem scummy.

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