So this is what happened!!

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So this is what happened!!


So the last few days have been wild .... so to keep you up to speed me and my wife's business was burglarized Friday morning and the individual stole the cash register from the establishment.   No big worry because we have insurance and that has saved us more than once.  And you can always except a certain amount of loss when you get into business but that was crazy.  So the police came and did there job.  The thing is we have some information on who it was... How you ask???  Well we have cameras and the suspect only had 1 arm🤔🤔🤔 let's just say he wasn't that hard to spot.  But this is just a message and lesson to say stay aware of your surroundings.   Ttys


Sorry to hear that you got burglarized....hope it’s not causing you and your wife too much trouble!
This one-armed burglar is aiming for the Burglar Hall of Fame😂😂 Guess he’s already been caught...or??

OMG. So sorry about the Incident. That's why it is good to get insured no matter the situation. But guess what? Not in Nigeria. Nothing like that. Trust me. So sorry brother. Greetings from Nigeria.

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