How To Do Sales For Your Business Without Feeling Slimy

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Hi friends!

Do you have a product or business model that requires a sales component? We have a lot of entrepreneurs on the platform – which means a lot of you are probably a one man show – doing marketing, accounting, strategic planning, operations, IT, and everyone’s favorite… Sales. Even saying the word sales makes most people cringe inside a little. Why? Because we’ve all had a pushy friend selling products from their network marketing business, or a salesman who keeps trying to get us to add additional services, or have received way too many cold calls in our life.

What Makes These Encounters Feel a Little Slimy??

Because you don’t trust that they have your best interest in mind. The immediate vibe is that they are pushing something for their benefit (bonus, commission etc) and not yours. Now let’s think of a good sales experience you have had. Nothing coming to mind?

The reason we often don’t think of our positive sales experiences, is because we mentally categorize them as good Customer Service!

Here’s a hypothetical example. Let’s say you are in the market for a new pair of running shoes and so you go to a local running store to try things on. Let’s say there’s an employee who measures your arch length, evaluates your gait cycle, expertly guides you through various shoe options, and talks about your running goals to find the shoes that will best fit your needs. In that situation… you probably thought, “WOW, that was amazing service!”.

Guess what?

That was also excellent salesmanship. The likelihood of you actually purchasing a shoe from that retailer is dramatically increased because you appreciate all the time and knowledge they have shared with you. Essentially, there was a level of trust built up. If you had just walked in, tried a few pair of shoes and didn’t interact with anyone – there’s a good chance you would write down the name, and go try to find that shoe on clearance somewhere else, or find it cheaper online.

Shifting Your Mindset to a Customer Service Approach

If you are coming up against mental blocks when it comes to sales – maybe your next step should be to just STOP thinking about sales and start thinking about how you can provide the best service possible. This not only helps build trust, but it allows you to let go of feeling like you are being pushy. Seriously, just focus on being the rock star that you are, be extremely helpful to everyone… and sales will follow.

Now it is true that customer service and sales are not completely synonymous terms, but this is a really good starting point to get you over the mental hump. Once you are totally in your groove with providing the best service possible – then there are a few skills you can layer on to that to increase sales – all while staying true to your character.

Other Actionable Tips

Be Completely Upfront

Network Marketers are probably the worst at this, but other sales sectors can be as well. Have you ever had a friend reach out to you to “Grab a cup of coffee and catch up”, only to walk into a sales pitch? It’s a pretty horrible feeling. Even if you might have liked the product otherwise, you are probably completely turned off by it now.

Always Answer the Value Question

How is your product or service really going to help that individual? If your response is “This can help everyone!”… then it’s time for you to hit the drawing board again. Why would this specific person find value in your product? If you can’t answer that – then there’s a good chance you will end up coming across a little slimy.

Does Your Product Fix a Need?

Not sure if someone would be interested in your product? Ask them! If your product or service fixes a need that they may have – ask in that context and see how they respond. If there is not any initial interest – then don’t keep pushing! It’s okay to ask a few more follow up question to get under the surface, but if they really truly don’t seem interested, then for the love of all things good – please don’t keep pushing them. Make sure you are reading body language and verbal/written cues here.

The Character Test

Do all of your actions feel in line with your vision and character? If not, then don’t keep pushing forward because you “have to do sales”. Take a moment to step back and reflect. How could you do things differently, or shift your mindset so that your actions DO lineup with your values?

Here’s an example from my life…

I was meeting with the owner of a store to show him our new footwear line and hopefully get placement in his shop. There was a LOT of pressure from my bosses to get an order because it is one of the highest profile footwear stores in New York City. Instead of coming in talking all about how amazing our shoes were (which he hears all day, every day)… I simply asked for his input and what he thought of the shoes. The fact of the matter is – he is a giant in the footwear world, and is the best expert on what his customer’s will like. By shifting the conversation to a lower pressure environment where I’m simply asking questions about what his customers might like … the vibe felt totally different. I wasn’t pushy at all, and we had a really comfortable discussion about the products. Some shoes he really liked, and some he hated. I didn’t try to defend the ones he didn’t like… I just let that go because he obviously didn’t want them anyway.

I ended up getting that order and I was able to still feel in line with my character – because I knew he actually wanted to buy the items that he chose.

My “Cred” on the Subject

I don’t talk about my day job too often – but I actually work as an Account Manager/Sales Professional. As someone who lives form a place of high integrity – I really grabbled with a lot these issues. To be honest, I still struggle with this sometimes – especially when there are demanding sales goals to reach. I look forward to the day that I don’t have to do this job anymore – but I will say that I have definitely learned some valuable lessons by working in the world of sales.

To be honest, I even feel hesitant to post this because I don’t want to be judged or labeled as a salesperson. Funny isn’t it? That after everything I’ve mentioned above – it’s obviously still a block that I’m working through as well. Part of it is probably because I’m selling someone else’s product for them. It might feel different if I was telling people about my own company or business!

Do you have to do sales in your job or business? If so – have you struggled with some of these ideas as well? I’m looking forward to seeing your thoughts and questions below!

Xo, Lea

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OMG Coruscae, I mean wow. I didn't know you were in sales and you were that expert. Just mind blown.
I have my interest in business and from the first line when I started to read your post at every point I was oh yeah she is right and how does she know about it. Everything is exactly on point and I am really impressed to see this side of yours.

Aww @sulfan1 thank you for your kind remarks! I’m so glad you resonated with many of the points in this article.

No no, my pleasure.
I am more happier than you finding that you have so much knowledge about business and customer behaviour. Now on you will find me interacting more with you on steemit and taking your business help/advice on my projects :p

@coruscate have you exposed we could follow any tecnic for sale; particularly I take INTERACT.
Good post. I voted you

Thank you for your support! I’m really glad you found this post helpful.

@coruscate thanks you mate, for your post and support.

I feel like there are basically no end to your talents and insights. Tommorow you are going to be like “ Okay today I’m am going to instruct Steemians on how to become a black belt in jujitsu and immediately put someone in an arm bar.” By friday its going to be, “today Steemians I am going to talk about taming a lion in the open tundra.” Next week possibly “Steemians, I am actually Satoshi and this is how I created Bitcoin.” What I’m trying to say is... nice work @coruscate :)

There you’ve gone again and made my day with one of your comments! I seriously cracked up at this so hard!!

Thanks for being such an encouraging friend. 😊

Its easy when its just true! :)

interesting. you have a massive output for having to deal with a 9 to 5 (?) job. Where did you post your stuff before?

I think this is what people dont get about free markets, if you dont satisfy the customer you are out.

If a politician does not satisfy his voters his (most likely) still in.

To be honest... I am pulling long days to fit in both Steemit and my day job! I have certain financial goals that I’m really hustling hard towards reaching. Once I reach a place of more financial freedom, I look forward to quitting the corporate world and focusing on more things I’m truly excited about, like Steemit :-)

I was actually not a content creator before joining the platform. I’ve just been kind of learning as I go!

Also, I loved your points about a free, competitive market versus Government structure. It is a pretty big disconnect from a value standpoint.

when i first travelled to the US, there was only AOL messenger and now, 14 years later, i can have chats about economics, creativity and freedom while earning crypto money.

IT IS AMAZING!!! Stay safe and have a nice week!

ah bye the way, do you have German ancestery? I have friend here in Leipzig, who really really resembles you!


Aww she is so cute! I am a bit of a “europian mutt”, but I don’t think I have any German. More Irish, English, welsh, and French I think.

Ever comsidered doing 23andme?

I'm struggling a bit with this at the moment, trying to sell my management consulting services to linked in contacts. Lots of trusted x-colleagues just ignore you when they see you're trying to sell something. You're right about trying to fix a need though, and maybe I will focus my next email on that.

It is such a tricky balance to find. Focusing on fixing a need, and being willing to back off if they don’t seem interested, it’s all important to maintaining that relationship.

That being said, that doesn’t always mean you should give up after the first “no”. Often times, it just takes asking if you deeper questions to get a little bit more to the heart of the matter.

Best of luck on your sales journey! If you have any other questions, feel free to shoot them my way and I’ll do my best to help. :-)

Many thanks for that - yes I guess it's about refining my offering and finding a need. I've got some work to do.

Customer service is necessary regardless of whether you are a salesman or even a top management executive. My day job is teaching young children Mathematics but I do have to apply customer service strategies especially dealing with parents as well as engaging the young children nowadays with lots of online interest. Getting the relationship right with parents will bring trust even when things do happen unexpectedly in class. Thanks for sharing a bit about your job. I don't think anyone will judge if they consider you as a friend. Nevertheless, there are lots of comment bots being used just to praise authors to trick authors for some comment rewards. I really don't like it very much. Nice sharing about things to be aware of for customer service apart from your daily dtube song items. I am upvoting and following you quite closely. Supporting you as much as I can with my little upvote!

I appreciate your support more than you know! It is interesting to learn about your day job as well. I have so much respect for teachers, especially those working with kids! You made some great points about customer service skills being useful in any field. It makes a lot of sense that building trust with the parents would make difficult situation easier to work through!

This article is a very important one. I see alot of people with aggressive marketing .. It's almost irritating..

And a lot of influencers trying to push products in peoples faces..even not the audience the brand wants... Likeeee.. If its for them they will surely buy if you did a good review.

Love your post girl, keep them coming!

Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. Great point about influencers pushing product. That has become a really big marketing strategy for most companies, but these influencers need to be careful that they are still staying authentic, or else they may start losing their followers who feel “sold to”.

Thanks for the thoughtful comment!

You're right! I've stopped following some influencers because of that

When I was in college I got a job as a car salesman and I had to quit after three days, essentially you were paid in proportion to how well you could lie to people, I just couldn't do it. At another time I had a job promoting a window company that I had no moral qualms with because I knew that it was a good company with a good product because I had run into many former customers who were happy. This is all good stuff, how would you apply it to a charity effort?

Thanks for sharing your experience with sales! I have never worked in car sales, but from what I hear, but it definitely sounds rough! Sounds like you had a much better experience with the window company! Actually believing in the product and the company itself makes a I have never worked in car sales, but from what I hear, it definitely sounds rough! Sounds like you had a much better experience with the window company! Actually believing in the product and the company itself makes a HUGE difference!

What a great question about applying the skills to charity. Gosh, I bet there are so many similarities, because asking for donation is not that different from asking for sale. Learning how to read people, and work with their needs and interests is a great way to get people excited about donating to your charity. That actually is a great idea for a whole separate post! I need to think on it a little deeper, but I bet there are a lot of tips that could be shared.

thanks for your thoughtful reply, I look forward to reading that post.

One rule of salesmanship or let's say to be able to successfully sell something to someone is to make the customer think you're not in any way a seller or selling something for you own benefit. Your customers should look at you as a friend or better yet, a family simply recommending things which you think are good for them. That way, you'll gain the customer's trust which will lead you both to his pocket :D

Yep, without authentic trust... it will be hard to feel in line with your character at the end of the day. Thanks for the thoughtful comment!

This is great. I was wondering if there is a way of selling without feeling this way. Re-Steem.

Thank you for re-steeming! I’m really glad you found this article insightful.

Very interesting! And you are damn pretty :)

This content is a very important and helpfull. Thanks @coruscate

I’m so glad you found it helpful!

Sales expert, wow! I'm just an amateur, my role is to call people and ask about what they want in the future, and your video is very interesting you explain a lot of thinks, I leave subscription and I'm waiting for more content!

I’m really glad you found this post insightful... especially as someone who is in sales!

Can I get some upvotes ? just for start

People are selling various things, but I have one product which everybody can sell and everbody can purchase with 0 cost and that thing is a brilliant smile

agreed or not

Thanks for share such a great post.

Really informative, thank you for sharing those sales tips.

I’m so glad you found it helpful!

nice movie ! i like your voice <3

Nice video girl :) ! Go Liek an subscribe !

thanks for the information

Great Video ;)
Look at us Channel

Very nice video I sugest u to add some subtitles =)

brilliant, the core part of marketing is to not look shy and hated, and you have offered the best way possible to attract stakeholders or customers toward your products

Thank you for the thoughtful comment! I’m really glad you found this post helpful.

useful post, thank you.

I’m glad you found it helpful!

I don't like to be pushy but sadly I have to market a lot of things I am selling stuff (Good things,,,) in order to buy my own house someday possibly. Being an entrepreneur is fun anyways, I am very happy to save up since I am only eighteen years old! :D

I didn’t realize you were only 18! Good for you to already be working on entrepreneurial ventures and earning crypto here on Steemit. That is so freaking awesome.

I have financial goals I am working towards as well, but I still avoid being pushy if I can. It may get you sales in the short term, but it compromises the relationship and may hurt sales down the line. I guess it depends if you are working with long-term customers, or if you’re selling things just random people going by. Those might require different approaches.

I really do hate salesmen. I've meet all kinds from trying to insert themselves into your life to the Idk about you. You are right just be a nice person. You never have to feel bad that way

Yes exactly. Being a generally decent human will usually lead to better long-term sales anyway. :-)

Love this, thanks for sharing! I've been in some positions where I was pushed to make sales and it's always felt really uncomfortable for me... if I believe in the value of the thing and how it can help the person, I definitely feel inspired to share FOR THEM... but I'm not a fan of acting out of any personal agenda... inspiration and care is the key!

Very interesting.

This post is so relatable! Just the word "sales" sends shivers down my spine. As an entrepreneur that has my hand in every aspect of the company, I can't wait to delegate sales out because of how uncomfortable it makes me. 😫

  • Iris

I love being myself! Good vid thanks.

Saludos me encanto tu post.

Nice video! :D

Very good idea and nice post

I actually don't dislike sales.
It would be great if we could celebrate sales and salespersons for doing a good job the right way, which is to make you feel special and solve your problem or need.
It's not sticking their foot in your door or putting you under pressure to buy something that you can't afford and don't need/want.

Maybe if we call that out as bad practice and can show numbers to back it up then maybe we can change perceptions and do something that would actually toucha lot of people's lives.

This is such great advice, I used to be a door to door salesman, the first thing we learnt is that the customer buys into you, not the product. I've been pressured into buying something before and it does make you feel used afterwards.

My biggest problem for a long time was switching from the personal level where you both feel comfortable, to making the ask which almost always wiped the smile off their face hahaha.

excellent...interesting. you have a massive output for having to deal with a 9 to 5 (?) job. Where did you post your stuff before?

I think this is what people don't get about free markets if you don'tatisfy the customer you are out.

If a politician does not satisfy his voters his (most likely) still in.
please upvote me........

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