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RE: How To Do Sales For Your Business Without Feeling Slimy

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interesting. you have a massive output for having to deal with a 9 to 5 (?) job. Where did you post your stuff before?

I think this is what people dont get about free markets, if you dont satisfy the customer you are out.

If a politician does not satisfy his voters his (most likely) still in.


To be honest... I am pulling long days to fit in both Steemit and my day job! I have certain financial goals that I’m really hustling hard towards reaching. Once I reach a place of more financial freedom, I look forward to quitting the corporate world and focusing on more things I’m truly excited about, like Steemit :-)

I was actually not a content creator before joining the platform. I’ve just been kind of learning as I go!

Also, I loved your points about a free, competitive market versus Government structure. It is a pretty big disconnect from a value standpoint.

when i first travelled to the US, there was only AOL messenger and now, 14 years later, i can have chats about economics, creativity and freedom while earning crypto money.

IT IS AMAZING!!! Stay safe and have a nice week!

ah bye the way, do you have German ancestery? I have friend here in Leipzig, who really really resembles you!


Aww she is so cute! I am a bit of a “europian mutt”, but I don’t think I have any German. More Irish, English, welsh, and French I think.

Ever comsidered doing 23andme?

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