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RE: How To Do Sales For Your Business Without Feeling Slimy

in #business4 years ago

I feel like there are basically no end to your talents and insights. Tommorow you are going to be like “ Okay today I’m am going to instruct Steemians on how to become a black belt in jujitsu and immediately put someone in an arm bar.” By friday its going to be, “today Steemians I am going to talk about taming a lion in the open tundra.” Next week possibly “Steemians, I am actually Satoshi and this is how I created Bitcoin.” What I’m trying to say is... nice work @coruscate :)


There you’ve gone again and made my day with one of your comments! I seriously cracked up at this so hard!!

Thanks for being such an encouraging friend. 😊

Its easy when its just true! :)

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