Job opportunities and investment in Rwanda

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Employment and investment opportunities in Rwanda Have you ever thought of immigrating to and working in an African country? Did you hear about the size of the investment in the African country of Rwanda and provide a lot of employment opportunities? If you would like to know the most important information about these topics in detail, we invite you to read this article
The land of the Thousand hill or the Republic of Rwanda (with its capital: Kigali) is one of the most important developing countries that are taking steady steps towards economic progress. It is one of the countries east of Central Africa. Rwanda has a distinctly geographical position because it is the source of the Nile. The north is the state of Uganda, the south is the state of Burundi, the eastern part is the state of Tanzania and the democratic west by the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Rwanda has an area of ​​approximately 26.3 km2 and is divided into four provinces. Each province is divided into several suburbs. Rwanda is known for its tropical climate, since it lies at 29.52 east of Greenwich and 1.56 south of the equator. Along with heavy rains throughout the year.

With regard to the population of the State of Rwanda, it has different ethnic groups. The Hutu group has the largest population of the country, equivalent to 80 per cent, while the Tutsi group is 10 per cent and few others.

The official languages ​​of Rwanda are French and English, along with the local African language of Kinyarwanda, spoken by approximately 10 million people. The official currency of the country is the Rwandan franc (the value of the Rwandan franc is small), the United States dollar exceeds 900 francs at the time of writing this article ) Most of the people of Rwanda belong to the Christian religion and some belong to the Islamic religion.
Economic growth in Rwanda
After the state of Rwanda to the genocide in 1994, which resulted in the deaths of nearly 800 thousand people; was able to turn from a country suffering from war and blood to a successful country on the level of tourism and economic in a short period of time; made it a model to be followed in progress on all levels, To other developing countries.

It has been able to achieve high economic growth rates to become the slogan of the people of Rwanda: freedom, action, progress, a story that prompted many international stations to publish documentary stories about the success of the Rwandese Republic and how it overcame the harsh conditions it experienced.

Can young people find a real opportunity to work or invest in Rwanda?
Job opportunities and investment in Rwanda
With regard to the investment opportunities in Rwanda, it carries the title of "Singapore Africa" ​​due to the size of the opportunities offered to investors and facilities provided to young people to establish small, medium and large enterprises as well.

After the civil wars that Rwanda has been subjected to and which, over the course of 20 years, have turned from a weak state into a country with a strong economy, the government and people are striving to support the development project and complete its development.

Due to this state of activity and expansion, the country suffers greatly from the shortage of skilled manpower trained in all fields, low population density for the total area of ​​the state, and the existence of large untapped parts of its territory. A place without imposing any restrictions or impossible conditions.
Travel and investment in Rwanda
The state offers many facilities to anyone who wants to travel and work in Rwanda. If you want to get a job and a real investment opportunity, you should know the following points well:

You do not need to get a visa before you travel to Rwanda; all you need to do is book your flight ticket and go directly to the country without a visa, as the state seeks to promote equality between foreign investors and foreign investors.
Anyone can get all the certificates and licenses to start any project in Rwanda easily in a short time, and also through the Internet; if you plan to start a project or establish a company or something in Rwanda, you can go to Rwanda) and follow all registration steps in order to obtain all necessary licenses before traveling.
The speed of completion of the procedure is the most significant and ensures the seriousness of the investment in Rwanda. When applying through the site for certification and authorization, the application will be answered within a maximum period of 6 hours, after which the business, pension register and tax identification number will be registered. 2 - 3 days only.
One of the signs of the Rwandese government's call to invite investors from different countries to come to Rwanda, the recent initiative launched by VisitRwanda, to put a lot of hopes, and received the initiative response from the weight of them; for example, Arsenal's senior football team attached to the shoulders His players sign VisitRwanda calling for support for Ronda and coming to visit her.
Jobs in Rwanda
Whatever your specialty, you will find a place to be an investor in Rwanda. One of the most important areas in Rwanda needs support. You can start working on any of the following:

Agriculture and food production.
Industry, especially small industries.
energy production.
Business projects.
Transport and tourism projects.
Electronic and digital services (computer and Internet).
Real estate and construction.
Health services and education
It should be noted that despite the low population density in Rwanda, all projects are expected to be successful and profitable, subject to the law of supply and demand as the size of the exhibits in Rwanda does not in any way cover the needs of their population.

The investment opportunity is available to anyone who owns the money or not because it offers more than one category for different types of projects, including:

(Micro) projects at a cost of only $ 100 and the net profit of them per month is ($ 100 - $ 200), for example: trade in fruits, and food products required in abundance or clothing.
Projects (small) at a cost of $ 100 - 1000 dollars, and the most important examples of this category owning a shop or restaurant.
Projects (medium) at a cost of 10 - 50 thousand dollars, projects that achieve high income, such as the establishment of farms and some food industry and furniture industry and others.
(Large) projects at a cost of more than $ 50,000. It is one of the largest projects in Rwanda and generates the largest income. These projects include the construction of vital facilities such as hospitals, schools, construction of real estate, machinery manufacturing, agricultural machinery, energy production and others
Cost of living in Rwanda
The cost of living in Rwanda is average, above average in the capital, and we give you a brief about it through the prices of some goods and services in the capital Kigali through the following lines ...

A simple meal for an individual price ranges from $ 3 to $ 3.
A large meal with an elegant restaurant for an individual price of over US $ 15.
The Combo Meal from McDonald's is priced at about US $ 6.
A small bottle of water, three in one dollar.
A bottle of milk for less than a dollar.
1 kilo of rice priced US $ 1.
2 kg Bananas with 1 USD.
2 kg onions for 1 USD.
Monthly subscription to transportation is about US $ 2.
Monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment within the city is about $ 250, and outside about $ 100.
Monthly rent for a 3-bedroom apartment within the city is about $ 800, and outside about $ 300.
The average electricity and water consumption in the dwelling is about US $ 35.