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Many success story today is as a result of a risk taken. Fortunately, when an investor takes a risk, and it is a calculated risk, then success is at hand. I want you to believe that successful investors are risk takers.



"WHEN YOU SEE SUCCESSFUL INVESTORS OR ENTREPRENEURS, WHAT DO YOU SEE?", I see Opportunities , Risk-takers, Wealth, Power, Critical problem solver and many more.
For an entrepreneur, business owners, and other investors, taking calculated risk is of the essence in order to achieve success. Likewise, based on the value proposition of your products and services, a customer may decide to take a risk of using your products or services. After the customer uses the products or services, and he/she got satisfied then you earn his or her trust in telling others to use your products or services. Over time, if your value proposition meets the customers satisfaction, then all you earn is "RELIABILITY".



Value proposition is very important in entrepreneurship as this is what you deliver to your customers in order to give them satisfaction. Being reliable is synonymous to being trustworthy. To be "reliable", you have to be "responsible" and "dependable". Many entrepreneurs failed in their line of businesses today not because of lack of capital, environmental factors etc., but they failed because there is no value proposition for their businesses. Thus, your "value proposition"determines your "reliability".
Steemit as a goal-driven platform earns it's reliability from thousands of users everyday as a result of it's value proposition. When a service provider provides you with his/her services and you are satisfied, you would love to patronize some other time. This brings us to the fact that "your customers are your immediate advertisement power you can ever have". When your customers get satisfaction form your products or services, they tell their families and friends thereby generating more customers and profits for your products or services.


Creating values or incorporating values into what you do helps you in gaining customers interests. I want to relate this to steemit by encouraging minnows to create values in their posts, this will help them gain the interest of their followers and others on the platform to read their posts, upvote, comment, resteem and follow as well. Also, one of the benefits of creating value is to avoid being flagged for plagiarism (academics), while in business, there's no plagiarism but you can improve on someone 's else idea to create value for your business .


"Your value proposition makes you stand out among others". Start today by incorporating values in everything you do as a steemian, business owners and entrepreneurs etc., and experience success.




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