5 Keys for Interviewing.

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#1 Know the job you are interviewing for: When showing up for an interview the worst thing for me as the person interviewing is the person not knowing what they are there for. Know the position, know who I am, know something about the company i.e. what goods and services do they provide. I have never hired someone who does not at least know what goods and services the company provides.

#2 Dress for the job you want: Show up to the interview overdressed. If you are interviewing for a mechanics/technician job show up in a nice button up shirt and slacks. If you are interviewing for a “white collar” job show up in a suit and tie. My rule of thumb is to ask if you do not know. No one will fault you for asking what the appropriate attire is for the interview.
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#3 Show up 15 min early: Don’t be that guy who shows up late to an interview. If you are late to the interview you didn’t get it. Unforeseen circumstances are acceptable i.e. car wreck, house catches fire. Be 15 min early so that you can find the place of the interview. If you are not familiar with the area, make sure you at least know where to go GPS will not always place you in the right place.

Early is on time.png

#4 Use the names of the people interviewing you, multiple times: Using the names of the people who are interviewing you shows an attention to detail and a politeness/professionalism that is always wanted. This shows that you are attentive and actively listening to what is being said.


#5 Put your best foot forward: You have one chance to show the interview who you are. From the moment you drive into the parking lot you are being watched. Every second that you sit in the waiting room you are being judged. The way you present yourself is very important as first impressions are everlasting. From the moment I first look at a potential employee I know weather for not they will be a good fit. Control your mannerisms and facial expressions make sure that you are perceived as being professional. Leave your drama in the car.

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And as always keep the golden rule in mind. Do onto others as you would have them do unto you.

If you show up and act like an ass you will be treated like an ass.
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