14 Ways the rich ran their money to become rich

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 Hello My freinds on steemit! Greetings,  Today I will show you  14 ways the rich ran their money to become rich ...

 The rich, of course, did not become so rich overnight and they did not do much of the things we used to do with money, and that's what we'll know in this article. We will know what the rich habits of dealing with money have made them so rich 

  • They are not hasty:

How many times have you made hasty decisions while shopping in a store ?? Or when you are browsing a shopping site ?? This haste for money is a common feature among many people but when you want to become rich you must make the decision to spend money shopping some time before implementing it or not implementing it 

  •  Know the difference between what he needs and what he wants:

We all know the time when we need a new home, a new pair of shoes or a new car, but is that really a real sense of need or is it just unnecessary for luxury? Of course, buying a car may save you a lot of mobility, but you have to calculate the amount of money the car will consume and compare it with what you spend on transportation or regular commuting and if you really need a car because you can not continue this way you can call it a need 

  •  Focus on long-term things:

Long-term goals for at least 5 years are the biggest motivator in humans. They give you a lot of information about what you can do at the moment and affect your future in some way 

 Your present or present task should relate to your long-term goals so that they are necessary to achieve them later. This principle must be dealt with in the same way as spending or not spending money 

  •  Try to get more than one source for money:

After you feel you have created an appropriate amount of money you should start looking for another source of money. Why?? Because the world is going through many economic crises and you may suddenly find yourself unable to secure this source of money in any way and to avoid losing this income it is useful to find another source of money 

  •  Investment:

If you find that you have enough money you can find some small companies and invest some of your money with a suitable return or create small projects that do not cost a lot of money so that you recycle and increase your money 

  •  Follow-up expenditure:

Follow up the budget enables us to know what is our income and what are our expenses so that you make a report of the flow of money entry and exit accurately to determine your priorities 

  •  Are you ready for emergency ??

Everyone has had some moments that were emergency situations and problems that were not taken into account and needed money. The rich are storing up some money rather than borrowing from anyone else 

  •  They invest in what they understand:

Warren Buffett and the investment legend Peter Lynch advise everyone who wants to invest his money to invest in companies that can understand with their business so that he can cooperate with them more and recover money with the return that suits him as well as enables him to know the knowledge of losses and risks. If you want to invest in a company in an area you do not understand you should read about it well 

  •  Review expenses:

Do you know how much money you spend over a certain period of time, for example? If you do not know, you have to keep track of your daily and monthly expenses so that you can manage them better 

  •  Live within the limits of your ability even if you have a lot of money:

There is no disadvantage in living your small home that will comfort you even if you own millions. This is not cheap. Your purchase of a villa in the millions is not proof of generosity as long as you do not need to live in a villa of this size just spend what you need 

  •  You have the ability to take risks:

By chance you were talking to a friend about starting a company. And found that the idea is appropriate and the money you want is not much, but the return of this company is appropriate for the money you will pay at this time you can spend money on the company and why not ?? Where you can make a reasonable sacrifice at this time for a lot in the future 

  •  Do not enter the spiral of religion:

The rich do not allow themselves to borrow from others and they avoid using credit cards if they do not have the cash to pay and must follow this principle in your whole life even if you do not want to become rich. The easiest way to destroy your life is to borrow and buy what you do not have 

  •  Continue learning:

Formal education is no longer the education you want in such a rapidly changing age. The likes of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg do not earn money just by waiting for luck or by relying on formal education. Most of the world's affluent people have had enough of college education and have not completed it. They have started with their companies, which have built so much and endless life learning that you need to Be more open to it

  • Finally, this article does not invite you to the vacuous:

Saving money is a good thing, but you should not forget to differentiate between need and well-being. As you must achieve the right of God in you money in front of everything and do not forget to luxury yourself and your family a little bit this is not defective but in the appropriate manner 

        In conclusion, I hope that my explanation has benefited you  
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