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RE: CONTEST! | My 2019: The last 2019 Showcase Weekend | Hundreds of Steem in Prizes

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I was thinking of doing a post like this.

I can think of a few posts I made, especially in early 2019 (before joining ocdb and hf21) where I put in hours of work only to end up seriously unrewarded. Finally justice!


Damn right, there are so many content creators with masterpieces that went without any attention, so this is a good idea to try and encourage people to keep creating good content!

That's how I feel as well haha. I've been posting since Jan 2018, and there are posts with 20+ comments because they were awesome. Then in 2019 people left Steem and forgot me. Now my posts are with 0 or 1 comment more often than not. It feels lonely!

What? You didn't like my post?...

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