A terrifying house (fiction)

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A short time ago my father was transferred for work in the city to a very quiet town, the company assigned us a temporary house where we would live the next 6 months while my father finished his work, despite the proximity of the town the road became long, I felt somewhat restless and nervous because I did not know what this new place would be like, the fact of leaving my life, my friends, my school and everything behind made me sad and at the same time it bothers me, since I did not want to Going, on the road from a distance you could see on a large hill a beautiful and huge house which caught my attention, as we got closer to the town my father stopped to buy some food to take home, I stayed in the I waited for the shopping to end, when they returned to follow the road, my great surprise was to see that we were approaching that house that I had seen in the distance and more surprised when my father said welcome to our new home.


Although I liked to see that we would live in a house so beautiful and big, the idea of leaving my life behind I still did not like it, we all got out of the car to enter the house, it had a very old but elegant façade. At the time, the doors were huge and opened on both sides, the first thing you saw when entering was a staircase that led to the first floor with a large chandelier in the middle of the room, in its decoration you could see some portraits of images I assumed they would be from the people who lived in the house before, they were a bit creepy because I felt they always followed me with their eyes, the furniture was elegant from a colonial era so everything was in the house, my parents immediately they began to lower the luggage and the purchases they had made while my little brother scampered all over the place, in that I hear my father's voice shouting that we were going to choose our rooms, when climbing the stairs I I had a long corridor that led to several rooms, my little brother ran to choose the last room in the hall and I watched select one that had a small balcony overlooking the town.

As the days went by things went normal, one night after dinner I went down for a bit of milk, when I went up and went to my room I heard my little brother talking, which disturbed me and I approached to see who I was talking, when I entered I found him talking, I just asked him, What are you doing? Who are you talking to? that there was nobody there, to which he replied that he was talking to his friend Lucas and that he had left because of me, I just told him that I was too old to have imaginary friends, I closed the door and left.


The next day very early I was awakened by some noises in the hatico and I told my mother what happened, she told me that she was going to tell my dad to check that it was safe for rats, after breakfast I went up to my room to read a little and I kept hearing the same noises which intrigued me and I decided to go see, I went up, I opened the door and in, I heard a cry of a child behind some boxes, I thought it was my little brother, worried I approached see what he had, he was in cunclillas crying, put his hand on his shoulder and told him what's wrong Esteban? and turning it I saw that it was not my brother, it was another child and seeing his face had no eyes, the impression woke up agitated by the nightmare so real I had, down the stairs and I began to observe the rest of the house and its decoration to clear a little mind, I went into a room where there were many books but what caught my attention was a picture of a family, in that picture a child appeared, there I realized that he had a great resemblance to the child with the one who had dreamed only that in the painting if I could see his eyes which were beautiful grayish.


I started to review the books that were there and one in particular gave me curiosity, a kind of newspaper perished, when I opened it I heard someone coming so I hid it in my clothes, I went out and went up to my room, I hid the newspaper and get off as we would go out and visit the town a bit, when I returned at night I came straight to my room, because I kept thinking about what I had found, so I started to read it very excited, it was from a woman who was telling her story. life, I had a husband and a son named Lucas, who had lived years ago in this same house, reading the newspaper I fell asleep, I was exhausted from having walked all the town and in the middle of the night I feel that something under my bed pulls me the savanna, I wake up and I say Esteban come out of there that I am not for games I am very tired and I peek under my bed to take it out and there was nobody, I take the blanket and surprised I go back to bed, for a strong The windows are They open and I get up to close them, when I turn around I see the child with the back portrait in a corner, the skin is a hedgehog, my heart was accelerating, I was very scared, when I approached to see him the child turned and again had no eyes I take my hand strongly and told me to leave here that come for you I terrified I started screaming and woke up, it was another nightmare.


I kept reading the diary in which she said that her son saw things in the house and that she was beginning to have problems with her husband, since what her son was seeing him scared him, she likewise that her son had nightmares at night and could not sleep well, one day the boy insisted that there was someone else in the house, that he always saw him, she narrated that one day the husband arrived home and the child He started shouting in his room that there was someone in the closet, his dad annoyed and tired of the same thing, took a knife and took his eyes out, and told him to see if you'll continue to see things, his mother seeing what happened the same knife and killed her husband, then crying I raise her son in her arms kissed him and hugged him as he died, laid him on his bed, went to his room, took the newspaper to what had happened and committed suicide.


She was terrified of what she had read. the newspaper and ran to tell his father what had happened in that house and that they had to leave, his dad thought that everything was an invention, since he did not want to live there, so he did not give importance, with the passing of days the nightmares of her and her little brother intensified more, one night Esteban took a knife and tried to kill his dad when he was sleeping, the breast when realizing what was going to happen scream causing the child to react and when asked Why would I do that? he replied, Lucas told me that if I did not kill you you would kill us, the next day they went to the town church to talk to the priest about what happened, he told them the story of that house, the father when he heard that coincide with what his daughter had said very scared they decided to leave there before a tragedy happened.

From some people say that in the house you hear things and nobody dared to live there until many years later , but that's another story ...


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