The Sport of Super Humans - StrongMan

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What is Strongman?
The Strogman is a sport discipline that tests the participants, looking for the most complete athlete, in the field of strength.

Also named as strength athletics, the athletes who practice it not only have to have great strength, but also have to have speed, explosiveness, endurance, agility and great motor control to be able to pass all the tests without problems.

Since tests are carried out with very functional movements, the Strogmans, apart from working with strength, also train and greatly improve the techniques of the exercises, the stability throughout the body and the strength of grip, in order to increase their strength and all the physiological demands they need, in the safest possible way to avoid injuries.

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Strongman tests

The Strogman Championships usually include a series of typical tests, but unlike Powerlifting or Weightlifting, they do not have such a precise structure or movements so regulated and in each championship they can vary including movements or structures a little different.

The most typical tests that tend to be in a competition are usually:

Deadlift (Deadlift).
Pull Flip.
Squats (squats with different heavy elements).
Farmer Carry (Paseo del grangero).
Yoke Carry (Walk with the skeleton Yugo).
Atlas Stone (Stone rising).
Truck Pull (Pull the truck or tractor).
Launching height of barrels or kettlebells.
Sled Push (sled thrust) or Sled Pull (pull the sled).
Different types of shoulder press, one hand, two hands, with different elements (giant dumbbell, trunk, cylinder, Viking press).

And many more tests that include in the championships of Strongman, testing the strength of the athletes. In this aspect it has a certain resemblance to the CrossFit, since prior to the competitions, during the preparation, there is that uncertainty that makes the athletes train 100% to overcome all the tests in the best possible way, the Strongaman in search of the athletes stronger and the CrossFit athletes more fit.

Strongman training

The exercises are usually very focused on the gain of strength, hypertrophy to increase muscle mass, the power to improve explosiveness in the uprisings, the speed of movement and execution, the resistance to several repetitions since there are many tests that are not to a single maximum lifting but several uprisings are followed and as I said before, the grip force is also very important because they need a stable grip to lift such high loads and transport them.

It is important to work with the variety of heavy elements to eliminate, as far as possible, the surprise factor of new elements, accustoming the body to adapt as quickly as possible to new equipment that may be included in a competition.

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