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The crossfit, also known as CrossFit (brand name registered by its creator), is a training system that is based on a variety of exercises performed with great intensity. Its purpose is to allow the development of various body abilities.

The American Greg Glassman was the one who created the crossfit in the mid-1970s. Eventually he managed to open his own training centers and formed a worldwide movement of men and women adept at the system.

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Through crossfit you can increase muscular, respiratory and cardiovascular resistance, gaining flexibility, strength and speed. This is possible because the person is led to adapt constantly to different scenarios that require a wide range of movements.

According to the followers of this training methodology, crossfit contributes to maintaining motivation since it always poses new challenges and presents renewed demands.

The crossfit is usually structured in 60-minute sessions known as WOD (by the English expression Work of the Day: "Work of the Day"). Each WOD includes the warm-up, a part A where a certain technique is developed, a part B of greater intensity and elongation. The WOD must vary every day.

It should be noted that various specialists have warned about the risks of crossfit practice. The intensity of the exercises and free movements without the supervision of a qualified professional can cause injuries and various health problems, while the absence of a routine makes it difficult to focus on specific objectives.

There is a worldwide competition called CrossFit Games, where the best and most dedicated followers of this movement participate. On the other hand, every year the CrossFit Open is celebrated, a season that invites people from all over the world to register in the official website and publish the scores obtained in each of the five sessions in which it consists, which They extend for five weeks. The volume of participation is considerable: in 2014, for example, it exceeded 209,000 participants.

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Some crossfit movements

While there are many exercises created and endorsed by this discipline aimed at physical and mental well-being, there are only eight movements considered fundamental, the pillars of crossfit. Let's see a brief description of some of them below:

  • Start squat: in this case, the shoulders play the main role, which is based on a grip of the bar with great amplitude. It is necessary that the armpits look directly towards the front and that the knees are aligned while performing the squat;

  • push force: the bar is held "inward", with the elbows pointing forward and helping with the knees for lifting. The heels should stay down until the extension of the legs and hip occurs;

  • Sumo deadlift with high traction: it is a fast movement, based on the lifting of the bar from the floor to the chest, with the elbows facing outwards, the hands very close to the center and the feet aligned with the shoulders;

  • push push: the initial position is to have the body upright and the way to hold the bar is similar to the push force. Then, you should make a slight descent with the whole body, bending the knees, to finish with a total stretch up, carrying the bar above the head with the arms in a V-shape;

  • frontal squat: it is based on the previous movement, although this time the bar must include weights. The final stretch, on the other hand, should be done with the arms perpendicular to the floor, with the hands outside the shoulders to avoid injuries.


Don't hesitate to try it bro, this is a great sport.

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