Tired of your office neighbour? A Japanese company has the right object for you

in #busy2 years ago


We all have a colleague with whom it is difficult to work. The energetic person speaks very loudly and constantly agitates, which prevents you from concentrating on your work. A Panasonic design studio has developed a rather radical solution: a headband with noise-reducing headphones that limits your field of vision. A system that looks furiously like the blinders used on horses.


Called "Wear Space", the object is supposed to help you recreate "a personal psychological space". With a 20-hour battery life, the headset allows you to isolate yourself quietly, enjoy yourself with the built-in headphones and work in optimal conditions. The product is currently not an official Panasonic product but a simple prototype developed by the company's Future of Life design studio. However, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched on the GreenFunding website. Panasonic hopes to raise about $130,000. Each unit should cost about $250.



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