Birthday Girl

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So today, March 1st is my daughters birthday. She is eighteen years old today. I had no idea eighteen years ago all the amazing things this child would bring to my life. She is fantastic young woman with a bright future.



Here are a few of 1000s of memories from over the years.




All I can say is this has been one of the hardest days ever. I am so proud of Maya and can't wait to see where the journey is going to take her.

Thanks for reading... Happy Sunday.....


Happy birthday Maya! I was graduating high school not long after she was born HA HA.

Well you're still hot for being in your late 40s. ;-)

Thanks I appreciate that.

No kidding ❤ so glad I've a few more months to prepare. No one ever told me how hard it is for your babe to turn 18. HBD beautiful Maya! Hugs Mama!!

Such a wonderful bundle of joy you have there !tip

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