Colorado plan for change?

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So here in Colorado I like to think alot of us are about leading change. In this case change that is needed I think.

So two of my favorite things come together. Beer and weed.

Colorado has a new pilot program in which will involve environmental responsibility and energy usage for the future.


Denver Brewery is going to take the steps to reduce their carbon footprint and help the cannabis industry in the process.
The program will take carbon dioxide produced during the beer brewing process and use that carbon to cultivate cannabis and stimulate plant growth.
Denver Beer Co., The Clinic, and Earthly Labs are partnering together for this pilot program.

Any corporation that is willing to take environmental responsibility and help protect mother earth is impressive. We live in such a money first, everything else second world it is refreshing to see companies taking another approach.

The goal is for the beer company and the cannabis company to slash their carbon dioxide emmisions and the cannabis company will no longer have to purchase carbon dioxide from power plants and have it trucked in.

I am going to follow this program and see if it is successful. Just the willingness to try and do something positive makes me happy.

Now its not beer Saturday, but beer Thursday?? Happy beer Saturday on Thursday. Its not a craft beer but blue moon which was is also a local company.

Thanks for checkin this out.


That's fab. I like too, that it's two local companies doing it together, bypassing feeding the megacorporation of Xcel (I presume Xcel since Denver) and buying CO2 from them (and who knows what their source is].
We really need more local interdependence and less reliance on megacorps if we're going to survive, let alone change the world.
I mean, I'm sure for both companies it was a great PR move, but hey, whatever pushes things in the right direction!

I HATE excel. I have stories. Lol. We need whatever gelp we can get. Publicity isn't aleays bad. Its how we get the word out. I really would like to see adults think for themselves. I think that will be the change...

Sometimes I have hope that people are thinking for themselves more because of the internet exposing us to things we wouldn't otherwise come into contact with; but at other times I read comment sections and I despair. XD I think basically if people's minds are open to new information, they can do it, but some people will fight change tooth and nail because they are comfortable right where they are in their bubble.

Great share! Thank you for using the Weedcash tag, :)

"Just the willingness to try and do something positive makes me happy."'s everything.

Can't wait till my first visit to The Rockies of Colorado ❤❤❤ Really Beautiful post!!

It is everything. Look us up when you hit Colorado. I think you will love it....

Meanwhile at the same time Denver has the 5G machine turned on...

This is true! Isn't 5g everywhere? I will admit i don't know too much about 5g. Can you enlighten me?

It isn't everywhere yet... It just started in Denver and Providence Rhode Island. There was a lawsuit on file against T-Mobile from 15 different States suing T-Mobile over this. Long story short, 5G will be the death of us all. Like the radiation from Fukushima wasn't bad enough! 5G emits extremely dangerous levels of radiation that is on at all times. You watch, the cancer rates are going to sky rocket in Denver as a result. Don't take my word for it, just type in the dangers of 5G on youtube.

I will. Thank you.

unfortunately , the corrsponding restrictions on cbd based growth prevent that here.

That is too bad. Maybe in the future?

as a home brewer. i completely agree. well done

Always great to hear when corporations and being proactive to try and reduce their carbon footprint

Very cool indeed! Beer ane cannabis has always been a great mariage, now this is just taking it to a whole new level! Almost like their now just showing off, 😛

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