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So weed. Many states it is legal finally in some form. People are finally seeing the healing properties it has. Research is being done and all the amazing capabilities of this plant are rising it to the top.

So I think any way we move forward will help to remove the stigma associated with cannabis. So I read today
there have been some changes to Major League Baseball.


The league and the players union reached an agreement to remove marijuana from the list of band substances. This is a small step but I feel a big positive step in the right direction.

I believe the agreement is they will treat it the same as alcohol. I also learned that going fourth it will instead of just imposing penalties for misuse, it will have a treatment focus program. I feel this is really also a great step going forward. I am most excited because if big business such as the MLB, which it is big business in my opinion, can see it differently. We are making progress.

I also read that the league is going to test for opioids and cocoaine. The players who test positive will receive treatment. This is also a much needed change. I think this is a bold statment also with big pharmaceuticals companies. I am sure if they had it there way, the way it has been cannabis would keep a bad wrap and we would have people believe the answer is in the pills.


I am glad we are making progress, even if it is baby steps.


Baby steps are at least steps in the right direction. :-)

Hopefully all corporations start looking at cannabis in a positive light.

Too bad the Feds/States don't do the same and treat cannabis just like (the proven deadlier and dangerous) alcohol instead of the legalization nonsense that only serves to keep us beholden to them for their permission to use cannabis.

I agree. Alcohol is the gateway drug.

They should be looking at pill use

That weed looks exactly like the outdoor bubblegum I grow. i love the it :))

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