Rather unfortunate for the future growth of STEEM that steemit inc. is unable/unwilling to promote @thedarkoverlord using the censorship resistance of platform to bypass the Silicon Valley Gatekeepers.

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Steemit is not decentralized. If it's hosted in the United States by a Citizen of the United States then what exactly do you expect?

expect? nothing really. the steem blockchain is decentralized at least.

but thats ignoring the past x months that twitter/facebook/youtube has been banning and censoring political speech. i haven't been watching closely but i haven't seen much advertising the platforms censorship resistance.

lol, stop fooling yourself, censorship resistance.

What would you do, when some folks would knock on your door.

... you know how censorship resistance works, correct?

tell me-- how can you delete the post you just made to me?

If ISIS were to make an account on Steemit what do you think would happen? Political speech advocates will not defend ISIS because there is a difference between free speech and threats. Jordan Peterson even if I don't always agree with him, is representing free speech. ISIS just wants revenge.

Censorship resistance can be nice in some situations but in this situation all it does is generate bad PR for the Steem platform in my opinion. It's not going to bring Steem to mass adoption, or help the Steem price, and yes the blockchain itself is censorship resistant for those with the technical skills to make use of it. The interface (Steemit) has to be concerned about UX, about PR, about how it can impact the Steem brand, while the witnesses get to determine whether or not content should be filtered.

I think the current situation is that if content makes treats or violates the morality of the community then it gets flagged. Censorship resistance from what I can see is not a feature to advertise unless you find from the data that billions of people would value that feature and even if you did find this sentiment I don't think the unfortunate example would be the sort of content we see from @thedarkoverlord. Better to highlight actual heroes who save lives than groups that seem to be focused on destroying lives.

On political speech you have a point but where does it cross the line into outright terrorism? If laws are being broken and lives threatened it's not political speech.

To put it into context, if Al Qaeda or ISIS were to start posting on Steem making threats what do you think Steemit Inc would do? What do you think 99% of US companies and US citizens would do?

I'm not for censorship but if what is being released can get people hurt then in my opinion it's not the same as "truth to power" or "telling the news". If people can be hurt then it's something else. I don't know the details of what @thedarkoverlord has released but I did see a post threatening to take actions against the United States.

Al Qaeda or ISIS?

Spot on, lets hand them out some accounts too!!! You are spot on!!!

But who let those dark web sewer rats on board?

Since when a group releasing data about 9/11 and presumably disclosing government involvement is the same as Islamic extremists groups known by hatred towards US? Oh, wait, didn't that same government financed Islamic extremists?