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How To Earn Passive Income With DESICO

DESICO - (Decentralized Ecosystem for Security ICO’s) is the first platform of it’s kind that has the complete solution for Security Tokens

It takes all the elements needed for retail investors to safely invest in Security Token Offerings with complete compliance of the EU law, these elements being: crowd funding, exchange and e-money license holders.

DESICO’s solution of empowering retail investors with the opportunity to invest in start ups from their earliest stages via a Security Token Offering (STO) has seemingly arrived at the right time.

DESICO will pay out 12.5% of all profits quarterly to anybody holding the DESI token.

DESICO has been featured by Forbes, Entrepreneur and Nasdaq

The DESICO STO will have two stages:

November 7th — November 16th 2018: The DESI security token pre-sale. $1,000,000 hard cap. Discount offered to all investors — 15%.
January 14th — January 25th 2019: The DESI security token crowd sale. Remainder of the tokens will be offered to investors with hard cap of $5,750,000.

To find out more read the recent announcement from the DESICO team

Or join their Telegram channel

And keep updated with their weekly progress by subscribing to their YouTube channel


Brilliant article and I will be getting in on this token sale!

Brilliant article
And I will be getting in
On this token sale!

                 - rufaz

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Brilliant article and I will be getting in on this token sale!

Very nice article guys!!! Well detailed!! 😊

Thanks for this, interesting ICO.

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