Care to have when dealing with blockchains

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There are some important notions that I find necessary for anyone dealing with blockchains to have! Whether it's just an ordinary user, a trader or a developer. They are small advice that is better to share than to keep for yourseft!

  • Immutability

Steem (it) is a blockchain, as such all that is confirmed by blockchain is immutable. This means what? In 6 months, when you regret of a comment you left, it will be impossible to erase. This is true for all blockchains (ether, raiblocks, neo, ...). It is their first feature of any blockchain!!

  • Security third-party sites
    Most of the time we have to trade in exchanges, either to exchange for fiat or to buy other cryptos. Do not use only the generic password, ALWAYS use two-factor authentication. It is a second layer of security that cannot be cracked through brute force. Do not miss the phone later!!

  • Security blockchain
    When you create an account / wallet in a blockchain you will receive a private key, a seed, etc.! Keep it as if it's the key to the safe, you know why? Because it's really the key to the safe! With this key you can empty your wallet.

  • Education
    Do not believe everything you hear or discredit everything you read! Always do your own research, search and chat trough chats (telegram, discord, bitcointalk, etc.), see the code in github, always try to find out!

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Great post. Two-level authentication is the key to protecting your hard earned cryptos from getting hacked.

Is the best way