Searching through Coinmarketcap #1

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First resume of mine research through coinmarketcap. I made a quick zapping through all pages and notice that there is a lot of shitcoins created! A lot of mining pump coins, zero knowledge projects, also notice some airdrops scams, but is not my intention to focus in this but instead to search for good projects or ideas!

But keep in mind, research before you invest anything into a project!


  • KemCredit - interesting project in the area of education aimed at the crypto world. Looks credible, already running crypto blog, ICO successful, build on top of ethreum, more than 40.000 on telegram! They plan to create an e-learning platform where experienced industry people can market online courses. Their business plan is not very favorable.

Our Advantages - Not everybody would like to learn a skill in order to get hired
by an employer but everybody would like to learn a skill that
will allow them to earn money or start a business

I made reference to this platform since it is a promising idea, although I think there are more universal and advantageous ways to create an identical platform - a utopian mix with e-learning and BOOM !!


  • Madcoin - Another crypto that does not add much innovation, have the blockchain to working, at the moment I write has no node to runming what is bad. They have been working to list the currency in several exchanges. It seems credible. I register here since they have a very low capitalization and have a credible project, working wallet (not at the moment), more than 10k twitter followers. It's a matter of following to see if they comply with the Roadmap, they can be a small Moroccan surprise . Oh and have cheap masternodes for now;)


  • Cash Poker Pro - project in the area of online gaming, garnered 400k USD at ICO. So far they have complied with their roadmap, so they must launch the online poker room at the end of February. If everything goes according to plan, make a * re-branding * and a concise marketing plan have everything to value enough.

Dear community,
Please be informed that major developing works were done recently.
At a present moment we synchronize front end and back end programming code.
We plan to launch CashPokerPro poker room at the end if February.
Once its done we will start integration of CPP to our partners platforms and have plan listing CASH tokens on following exchanges: HitBTC and KuCoin - FB channel

  • Any information I give is not the truth, just my interpretation and idea about it
  • Do not invest in anything without doing your research first
  • I'm not advising anything! Just referencing projects that I find interesting.

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