Searching through Coinmarketcap!

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I'll start intensive research through coinmarketcap site in order to learn even more about blockchains, have a good grasp of the overall market and hoping to find some lost gems that me might be worth a good money in a little while! But no pressure.

I hope to know interesting projects, as well as find new tools that help me to evaluate, research this environment better!

I've known the blockchain for about two and a half years, since then I think a pandora box has been opened and we're still just at the beginning! In the coming years we will see a global paradigm shift. Do not forget that this embryonic technology has the ability to change several pillars of today's society! (money, government, commerce, etc.).

What will the search process be?

  • Website analysis
  • Bitcointalk announcement analysis if exists
  • How to buy coins / tokens
  • Reading the white paper
  • Code checking and analysis (github) if available

If I get here without reject the projetc I will add it to the search registry and I will do a deeper analysis

  • Verification Roadmap vs. Compliance
  • Analysis social networks, news, chats, forums, etc.
  • Functional test, if possible
  • Speak to someone responsible or active in the project
  • Check project team

Initial considerations

  • I will start from the end to the beginning, since I think I will benefit more if I find a lost pearl down there;)
  • I will make a record of my research here, for future reference and for others to benefit from my work
  • I will not make any negative analysis of any project
  • I believe that I will find many projects that should not be listed
  • Any information I give is not the truth, just my interpretation and idea about it
  • Do not invest in anything without doing your research first
  • I'm not advising anything! Just referencing projects that I find interesting.

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nice post ! thanx for the valuable information it is much helpful to the newbies into crypto

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