Which witnesses are in favour of HF21 and which are against?

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I'm trying to compile a list of witnesses who are in favour of HF21 and who are against, so that steemers can vote for them based on whether they like the changes proposed or wish to stop them.

In favour of HF21

@therealwolf (based on this comment and this article )

@thecryptodrive (based on this article )

@yabapmatt (in this article he says "I will continue to push for an HF21 that includes the SPS and not the EIP; however, if a super-majority of the top witnesses chooses to implement both then I will support their decision")

@helpie (based on this article )

@c0ff33a (based on this article )

@aggroed (based on this article )

@lukestokes (based on this article )

@fyrst-witness (based on this article

Against HF21

@drakos (based on this comment )

@liberosist (see this article )

@krnel (based on this comment )

@enginewitty (based on this article

@klye (based on this comment

Note: this post is a work in progress and I will update it as I get more information..


Thanks for putting this together. 100% against the fork. Primarily against the EIP.

They nerfed the votes of lower SP holder last time and we know how price action has gone since then. It wasn't good!

Also, doubt this will be good for @steemflagrewards. Giving abusers free downvotes? WCGW?

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If you are against the fork, you need to start voting for witnesses who will stop it, and unvoting those who will put it through.

I don't think it can be stopped.

I think it can. For example @drakos is at #21. He just needs a little push to get into the top 20. It can be achieved by unvoting those in the top 20 who favour this change, and voting for those who will stop it.

Might as well use your witness votes to express your displeasure.

Well, if three are already against it, then just one more would mean it won't be accepted. That's quite impressive! Has a hardfork ever been this close in terms of acceptance before?

Actually only 4 of the top 20 (consensus) witnesses need vote nay. As it stands, none are. If I was, I surely would be saying no.

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You need to treat this like a general election campaign in order to get yourself into the top 20 witnesses. I've given you a vote, but I'm just a plankton.

HF17 got rejected back in the day.

Oh dang, really? I didn't know that!

Uh, are these only top 20 witnesses? Or all of the top 100?

These are the top 100 witnesses. If people are against HF21, they need to vote the "anti" witnesses into the top 20. But that requires all the little people to participate and vote!

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