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RE: Steembet scam report: second edition! A false report once again!

in #busy2 years ago (edited)

I was already part of the @magicdice and its exit scam, ending up net-losing dozens of STEEM because of it. Don't gamble your STEEM, kids.


It is really had to judge if a gambling dapp is legit or not! We all had the idea that MD was legit!

It helps if the developer is a known character and has "skin in the game" so to speak, like @aggroed. If I knew it was @zombee behind magicdice (the same guy who did some questionable things with dmania), I would've stayed away from it. Lesson learned: learn what you are investing in, including the people behind it.

That is indeed a good indication! It is easy for people who are already established on the Steem blockchain, but it makes it hard when somebody new pops up!

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