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Hello steem friends,

It's my Steemit Angel's birthday.Screenshot_20180616-105950.png

The fact that there are fake paracetamols in the market does not mean that every paracetamol is fake.

  • This is my most original friend and brother
  • Every bit of him is the real "U" in himself
  • First-class graduate in biochemistry.

I'm not going to spare any picture of our activities.Screenshot_20180616-105909.png

Today I render my accolade and veneration to @donnest. My brother from another mother.

A man with a difference and determination for uptimum achievement of desired goals.

We both graduated from the department of biochemistry in one of the best federal schools in south eastern Nigeria.Screenshot_20180616-105748.png
Right after our graduation he introduced me to @steemit.
And that was during the @steem mega meet-up organised by @eurogee of euronation in owerri Nigeria.

@donnest is a Man after God's own heart, Husband Material 1000 Yards🙌🙌🙌 , he is devoted to charity and amazing creative lifestyle ranging from

  • Being one of the best graduating student of my set.

  • Starting a new and now crowdrising sports project on behalf of @steemjet of @dimimp just to create much more awareness for steem among Nigerian students and beyond.He is a sports lover, Real Madrid fan for laliga and Chelsea fan for English premier league just like me.

  • He initiated the @steemcenturion and @backtoschool project which has this far elaborated the concept of @steemit here in Nigeria.

  • He devoted himself to charity to see that @backtoschool sponsored by @youarehope foundations of @sircork #steemwitness made charity donations to less privileged and help handicapped students pay their tuition fees.IMG_20180527_132123.jpg

  • @donnest values friendship more than anything and can be trusted at all times for who he is and what he says. What more can I say HE IS THE MAN OF THE PEOPLE

He is now a banker,working with guarantee trust bank Nigeria, But non of this things ever comprehend his creativity and determination tto add value to the Steemit platform.

  • He has passion for crypto and a blogger for the best social crypto blockchain called @steemit.

Therefore today I @chibuzorwisdom is calling on all amiable and value added steemians @dimimp @surpassinggoogle @sircork @surfyogi @lordjames @desmoniac @eurogee @eunireal1 @oredebby @julietisrael @adabless to help me celebrate this great and ebullient Man of valor and a big cardiac.

365 days with @donnest is worth a medal of honor 🏅.


Happy birthday eminent colleague

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Heart you so much my guy..happy birthday @donnest

Happy birthday bro... Age gracefully.. Cheers!

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