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It all happened in the early hours of today here in Umuahia south eastern Nigeriaimages(7).jpg


I went to charge my cell phone in barber shop few meters away from our house only to see a lot people clustered around my neighbor's residence.

Yesterday being Saturday June 9,2018, The Man had already given out his first daughter hand out in marriage and there were a whole lot of merriment.

This is @tragedy as her daughter who had slept in a nearby hotel with her husband because he came from another state and couldn't go back because they finished the ceremony late came back this morning to ask her dad why he wasn't picking calls.

  • She said her dad told her to see him before going today as they needed to discuss a few more things

Neighbors ooooo Neighboroooooo

That was all we heard and on reaching there,
Her father and her two younger Teenage brothers were lying lifeless with remnants of food and blood all over their mouth.
It was obvious someone had poisoned their food.

Nemesis, as the wife who slept in her friends place lamented in agony.
who has done this, who has done this.

Please my friends always pray for God's protection in all that you do. Life is only but a onetime journey.


May God help us all

What a loss.Grace is all we need

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Very sad, I truly can’t stop tears rolling out from my eyes. Have no words truly speechless ~ feeling lost and broken

What a pathetic story! RIP to them.

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