A 2018 update (...and someone wants to buy my Steemit account!)

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I've been in a cave since the start of the year.

Except my morning coffee in the café across the street I hardly ever left my house.
Because: To-do list. With 5 columns!!!

todo list.JPG

I thought long to-do lists were bad. But when they are wide, too...

So many projects: Dash work, Conscious Crypto work, Steemit posts, website updates (why do I have two websites?? 🙈) and all this private admin stuff on top of everything...

Luckily all the planets are going forward at the moment (astrologers say), which means an extra boost of "everything going right" - I hope they stay like this for a while.

My New Year's resolution were - amongst other things,

  • To start every day by reviewing my to-do list - DONE
  • To do more video - DONE (however I should have specified presentable, publishable video - they all ended up in the bin... better luck next week?)
  • To listen to Andreas Antonopolous every day - DONE - I will do this until I'm able to channel him!!
  • To post daily on Steemit - DONE - except yesterday, when I staid in bed. Guess my 5-column to-do list knocked me out.

The Conscious Crypto Community is slowly growing

I've also been working very diligently on my mentoring programme "The Conscious Crypto Community". The tutorial library is beginning to look really neat, and new participants get a proper "Start Here" kind of map now, when they join. We already welcomed two new members this year!

What else happened this week?

Someone on Fiverr asked me if I want to sell them my Steemit account.
What would they do with it? Post as me?
My answer was just a two-letter word.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 14.24.08.png

@embracingchaos came back from her Vipassana retreat. We had coffee (I mean Matcha Latte) - that was my only social life this week.
When you do a Vipassana retreat you need to hand in your phone for the duration of your whole stay. That means you can't check the price of Bitcoin or Dash or Steem for 11 days!! I wouldn't be able to do it...

What else happened...?

Oh, my 3 stopped working on my keyboard.


Remember when I lost my E just before Christmas? (@teamhumble, please don't send money again :D ))

The tab key also died. That one I can live without. I also sort of fixed that E key by putting a lot of Duct tape on it (why? I don't know, but it helped...) but it's also totally worn out already.

But hey, no big deal, when I need a 3, I just google "numbers" and copy paste it from Wikipedia 😆

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 14.40.17.png

Yayaya, I know it's beyond ridiculous by now and I promise I WILL go and buy a new laptop this week. It's just my old East German mentality. We don't throw away stuff just because it doesn't work perfectly anymore. There's always a DIY fix that will make it last a little bit longer.

But do you know how many 3's you need in your day to day life??? TAN numbers!!! Bills to pay!! Google Authenticator codes, gosh... The 3 seems to be almost as popular as the E....

It's funny, though, that the right part of my keyboard looks and works perfectly, while the keys on the left start to give up one by one... What does that say about me? Am I typing lopsided? And could I possibly get just half a laptop, because the other half is still good?? 😬

Actually, thanks to Steemit, I can pay half of my laptop from SBD's. By the end of the month I could have afforded a whole one with my SBD earnings. But I realize I can't wait that long anymore.

Seven years for an Airbook is also pretty decent I think. It's done its job!

Okay... off to write my Steem Ambassador application now.


Jaja, unsere ostdeutsche Erziehung, da wird so lange repariert, bis wirklich gar nichts mehr geht. Aber hey, 7 (!) Jahre!? Da darfst du dir echt einen Neuen gönnen. Auf Dauer wird das Kopieren aus Wickipedia ja auch mühsam :D

Ja, eine Muskelverzerrung oder sowas ist es echt nicht wert... 😄

My answer was just a two-letter word.

Was your answer:
"No way" or was it "**** off"? XD

A "No way" with a silent "**** off" maybe 😁

Scattering around your posts and now it make sense why you needed a new computer. Thanks for being active on steemit. Your posts are fun to read and entertaining. New follower and looking forward to more good posts ;)

That's interesting on someone wanting to buy your name. My Dad keeps telling me that steem user names will be just like domain names.

Hm... for businesses that makes sense, but if someone would buy yours or my account - what would they do with it? They would write about totally different stuff in a totally different voice, and probably lose all followers and get different ones instead... Hm. Weird to think about! :)

these names we use, they could easily become equivalent to brand names. Who knows, maybe someday I'll start shipping brownies and become a household name - LOL.

Amazing and well written, Thanks for sharing @connecteconomy

When someone on fiverr said to sell your account, Did you ask what price will he give to you for your account?

Nope. I was not interested :)

Hehe yeah but as a general question if you want to sell your account what would be cost?

It would probably cost one million punches in the face.

Hahaha So i hope the guy who wanted to buy is actually lucky :P Because he is safe from punches

you could hold out a little longer on the new laptop and buy a wireless keyboard? :D

Or, see if it is possible to get a new set of keys for this laptop?

Because those keys are long gone!!

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