30 Days of CryptoCatz Blog #5

in #busy3 years ago

Bonjour Steemians!

I guess it is safe to say I am not very consistent. When I started my
"30 days of..." series,
the whole idea behind it was to actually post for 30 days straight,
no matter what...

But, but...

I kind of suck at "adulting" still,
and being consistent
and/or consecutive
has proven to be a bit of a challenge througout life.
I got a bit thrown of track by a
very nice post by
@girlbeforemirror this past Friday,
I have to admit..
I really don't do that well recieving compliments in any type of shape or form, and her post got me a bit teary eyed, so running (and hiding) is my coping mechanism still, even after years of therapy.


The Easter weekend was filled up with obligatory birthdays visits and other related stuff, things I am highly allergic to, so enough said on that, brrrrrrrr!

Not used to living

in a house anymore...
Our last home was an apartment,
so ants were never a problem before.
My Lord have I learned my lesson now!
Giving an empty coke bottle to the pup to play with has never failed me to get him (temporarily) of my back, it's the cheapest and easiest type of toy for him to go and play with for an hour or so
(by himself).
But yeah, we have a garden now,
so, "ants 'R us" at the moment..
How do these buggers sniff out a drop of coca cola spilled ???
Like, really? How ?


I know I was welcoming spring

And I do love new life and all that,
but, no bugs, I can't stand the little creepy crawlies, worse when they have wings and can fly aswell, just, no!

Tomorrow is a big day!

I will acompany my boy to the hospital,
hoping to hear some good news..
It has been a mega rough year for us all,
and good news we need!
If you are still reading,
you can keep your fingers crossed for us tomorrow please 🤞
Every little helps, right?


Thank you for reading,
take care, have a brilliant day,
and don't forget to smile every now and then, really, it goes a long long way...




All ten fingers crossed 🤞

Thank you 🤗

I understand:

I kind of suck at "adulting" still,

I also struggle adulting.

Praying everything turns out well:

I will acompany my boy to the hospital,
hoping to hear some good news..

Thank you very much
Let's be un-adults together and run riot 🤣

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