Need Your Help - I’ll eat my own Dick if we don’t get listed on NETCOINS!

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Do you want Steem to be beat by shit coins????

We have a chance to get listed on Netcoins,
but everyone needs to help with voting, because currently Pac Coin and Verge are ahead of us.

There will be huge benefits of joining Netcoins:

  • Getting Steem sold in 171,000 retail locations in over 53 countries across 6 continents

  • Press releases and media exposure on financial sites and crypto sites (Nasdaq, Globenewswire, Coinmarketcap, Coincodex

  • Global OTC desk availability

This is the link to vote

It only takes 30 seconds! So if you are a true Steemian please help put and
vote. You can revote every 24 hours! so keep at it, because there are only 3 days left!
Help spread the word because I don’t want to have to eat my own dick !


Haha, calm down McAfee. :D

With great risk comes great reward. Or great pain hehe

You're hilarious with that title! 😂 will need pics as proof when we win you know Dan!! Hahaha

i needed to grab attention haha

Done! .....aaaaaand DONE!! Smh 😂

will you really? and record it for Dtube?

I am a man of my word unfortunately. But i am crossing my fingers and legs that we do get listed so i dont have to hehe

Live stream please, lets do it on

haha sure thing!

@heelsandmuffings get the !popcorn ready, this could be an interesting few days. I'm torn, I really want to see Steemit on netcoins but I also want to see someone eat a dick

haha lol

Done and cross my fingers for you and your dick!

Haha lol thanks man !


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it doesnt have to happen as long as we win. I am crossing my fingers and legs that we do win!

Sorry I got a little excited.... 🤣

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We are almost there the difference between Steem and PAC Coin is only 200 votes. But what I'm more curious is if Netcoins is really a reliable project. Since it wants to turn every PC, Laptop, Smartphone into a virtual ATM machine. I found it very risky from a regulatory stand point.
Because that means to turn every machine in the network into a money transmitting machine and this would instantly would call the SEC or State financial regulatory on the map.
States like NewYork, Washington State and others are very strict on that. I don't see this kind of project coming very far if they don't get approved by state law. What are your thoughts on that?

To be honest the main victory for me if we win is just that it will show the strength of the community. I dont have high hopes that it will actually make a big difference for the price of Steem.

Yes true from a community stand point this is really amazing how the Steem Users are all coming together. The project itself might not be that important. I still be voting every day.
Thanks for your good feedback!

I dont think the eating is nesseccary were close.
Greetz @blockbrothers

haha thanks man! We should be getting further and further ahead, but Verge seems to be on the verge to surpass us so we better keep up the pace.

That sounds disgusting. You should have chosen something else as Steem will be listed on Netcoins.

i will only have to eat it if we do get listed. so no worries!

Already voted. Hope we get there.

Also, Mcaffee is that you? :D

haha . me too!

Seems you have entered the pain Olympics and for good reason too.

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hehe looking at the progress Im feeling more relaxed now.

Yay...i think we can make it to the top,we are all excited to it..

am i right...hooray....

always and always till 20 october

There are a lot of dick-eater out there.😂

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there sure are , I hope i dont end up being one of them!

Me pueden explicar con detalles como hacer para votar? por favor

Hahahah i am sure the tittle alone made people do the needful, because being dickless is not really the best situation to be in.

I kind of don't want to vote now :D