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Hanoi, the capital of thousands of Van Hien, has a long history, rich cultural traditions, Hanoi is truly a major tourist center of Vietnam. Hanoi is always one of the most popular destinations for domestic and international tourists. Tourists not only attracted by the beauty here but also attracted by the rich cuisine of this place. Walking around Hanoi, you will be attracted by a lot of delicious food, let's go hungry to enjoy it.
Please visit the "nem chua" baked number 10 Au Trieu to enjoy this delicious food. I have come here with friends, the food is really great.
Coming to Hanoi can not not enjoy the delicious noodles, noodles of Hue sister on Ly Thuong Kiet street
Phở Hanoi, unforgettable delicious features of Phở Hanoi. Next to Hang Duong crossroads, Hang Chieu is a simple Phở restaurant with no sign of smell, sweet aroma. The shop is selling from 3pm to 5- 6pm. People come here just to enjoy her delicious pho
The Dai Tu market, the indispensable food we gather.
Hanoi, great food. Please enjoy it.




i like the mango dip with spicy sauce.

@dat-sergio wow what amazing food you have in Hanoi.I love food which comes on a platter.So you have a selection of gorgeous bites.Wish could tuck into some now.Thanks for sharing your amazing delights👌👍🏼