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RE: Busy v2.4 Release: New features that will make you love

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As you may know I never use @utopian-io to upvote anything else than contributions submitted in I have to say the value you are bringing to the STEEM blockchain and to (which is a fork of is immense and I am glad to give you the first 100% Utopian upvote in a while. Enjoy.


thank you very much for your support! Really appreciate and hope it will help Utopian as well

Perfect 👌! Here I am doing the same as you. You inspired me! And you are absolutely bright in every evaluated word you mentioned about is very interesting to develop


Thank you, @elear.
You speak for the whole community!

I am glad to give you the first 100% Utopian upvote in a while. Enjoy.

A well-deserved upvote, indeed. I hope that other whales and project managers would follow your lead too. Supporting benefits us all. is doing a fantastic job in improving the front end. I have switched to for some time, and I am more than satisfied.

BTW, I have just voted for @busy.witness as a witness, and I invite everyone to do the same.

Can switch to the busy UI also ? :)

Just want to say you got a cool domain name.. there..

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