Trying out busy for the first time

in #busy3 years ago

First impression

Busy seems much more user-friendly than steemit. The first thing I noticed was the drop-down menu for making headings and quotes and even shortening hyperlinks. All of this makes for a much cleaner post appearance.

The bell

The bell at the top was the next thing that caught my interest. I was like 50 of something is hiding in there. So I clicked on it and it revealed all kinds of things that once I only knew how to find on steem world. It instantly shows who followed me and upvotes and just all kinds of things in one spot at the click of a mouse.

Saving drafts

I can now see that as I am even making this post that it is saving my draft over on the right side of the screen as I type.

It also has a bookmark feature.

I have yet to explore it so far. I would have to believe it allows me to bookmark posts I find interesting for future review rather than having to resteem them like what I had to do on regular steemit and clog up my feed/ use up voting power.

No more trending/ hot?

Nope, not on busy. Well sort of. They have it on the main screen but instead of trending, it is listed as "news" which I find kinda funny in its self.

Well, that is as far as I have made it on busy so far. I really like what I see and I am sure I will find much much more as I explore through it in the next few days


Busy is quite user friendly if compared to Steemit

Yes, I am noticing a lot of features as I explore through it. I really like it so far. I have not got to explore a lot of it but what I see so far is very nice.

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Good write up. I use busy a lot also. Things to keep in mind is that it does have some issues but they are far outweighed by its advantages. If regular steemit was this user friendly we might have double the users already. Keep looking around and finding new things, you can acces pretty much anything on here as you could on steemit. Have fun exploring.

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